Thursday, 25 September 2014

Recent Outfits: Blue and Green

So much blue and green!

Bought this dress secondhand because the blues and greens match my hair!

Bird, butterfly and flower

Xmas is coming up quicker than we realise, so expect to be spammed with Xmas present suggestion posts! Coming soon!

And don't forget to enter the giveaway in the previous post!


  1. This dress is so pretty, I myself would definitely wear it after remaking it into a skirt :D

  2. I love your blue hair and the colourful hairpiece is a hit! :)

  3. The dress looks so great with your haircolour, and the hairpiece is such a wonderful contrast piece!
    I'm looking forward to the suggestion posts, I never have enough ideas for presents. :)

  4. Lovely frock! Shhhh don't want to hear about , well you know! This weekend is black and Orange decorating for the whole month of October!!! Just for ME!

  5. How do you keep the bird from flopping all over the place?

    1. Ha ha I was confused for a moment thinking you were talking about the real bird in my house, there is no way to stop him flopping all over the place! Which he actually does! He likes to flop forwards as far as he can without falling off the bar!

      The fake bird in my hair came on a little alligator clip so it sits pretty straight

  6. Great look on you, I love your hair with the dress! I also really like the menagery on your head, it looks too cute!

  7. Your hair looks brilliant, and the colour suits you sooo much! Your new dress looks perfect on you too! :)

  8. Awesome and fresh outfit!! Up here in Finland it's autumn and this reminds me of summer in a very sweet, warm way. And I love your new hair.

  9. Have you ever been told not to mix greens and blues because they are clashing? You've just proven it wrong...;)

  10. Your hair reminds me of a fairytale mermaid, and what a beautiful dress!