Saturday, 13 September 2014

"Goth Types"

My style is constantly changing and evolving, and I have had many many clothing styles over the years. While still thinking of myself as a Gothy type person, I am definitely more of a Faery or Hippie these days. Of course, these things are not all pervasive, while I love all things faery and listening to Loreena McKennit, I still love 80s Goth music and Victorian Gothic.

Of course, I don't think that a type or stereotype can ever really explain all the layers that go into making a person, but I have always loved the cute little infographics that Trellia makes.

Click on picture for larger image.

I have definitely been more into Dark Mori style this year. 

Romantigoth was the influence that originally inspired me, over 10 years ago.

Victoriana has been a huge influence on me since childhood watching BBC miniseries based on Dickens books, but I am not as drawn to that style currently.

See all the "Goth Types" here. Do you have a "Goth Type" that describes you?

Hugs and fairydust,

Laura Morrigan.


  1. What cute little pictures! Of what I've seen of you, you are clearly a Faerie Goth, with a dash of Victorian. ;)
    I can definetly see a little of me in that "Dark Mori" type.

  2. These are so cute, and I like the star sign series of goths on the site.

    I am definately no 1 (Trad Goth) with a hugh sprinkling of 33 (casual goth - to the point where I actually have the Joy Division tee and go to goth gigs in black jeans...1), and a little bit of vampire goth for good measure when the mood takes me :)

    Mind, I probably started out as mopey goth...!

  3. I have never really been goth but I'm definitely Dark Mori :)

  4. I didn't realize how goth in style I was until the last few months. I do not listen to goth music, but definitely am influenced by the fashion. I love the Dark Mori style and am so influenced by it!

  5. I really like how cute they are, but can never adapt to only one style. I wear whatever I like and do not fit into these drawers...

  6. Love the pictorial definitions! Those are going to be popular as Halloween moves in to devour everything!

  7. These are so cute!
    I'm a hippie, goth, 80's girl ;o)

  8. Those are funny and cute! I think it was wise of the maker to point out these are (stereo)types, not categories one must fit. ^_^

  9. Oooh, new stereotypes! I didn't know them from 24 up, but they are lovely!
    The ones that apply for me the most are definitely 25 (Dark Mori), with a bit of 28 (NuGoth) mixed with punk thrown in for good measure. 21 (SteamGoth), 22 (FaerieGoth), 13 (Victorian) and 14 (Medieval) are things I love as well but aren't as prevalent in my everyday appearance. I'd love a bit more Carnival Goth in my wardrobe, though. ^^

  10. Love these, Laura! While many of these styles have influenced me over the years, these days I fit more into the Gothabilly category. :)

  11. Oh I am definitely more the Romantic Goth type, in regard to style and music. Although now, however, since I live in a tropical climate, wearing anything even remotely resembles this look is out of the question, save for a few days a year. :( But I can and so, still enjoy the music!!