Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week in Review: Beastly Movie Week

Monday 21st- Sunday 27th July

Craft day with my friend Fiona
More faery sewing
More writing
Saw my friend Kat, ate scones and watched movies together
I also started my own #Beastlymovieweek

Bryan Dick in Blood and Chocolate

Beastly movie week: Beginning Wed 23rd

While Ginger Snaps, Interview with The Vampire, Lost Boys and Bram Stoker's Dracula are my favourites, I wanted to discover a few new films.

Blood and Chocolate- Apart from the fact the plot is about 98% dissimilar from the book, is actually an enjoyable movie. Hugs for Hugh Dancy and Bryan Dick for some heartfelt performances.

Beastly- A fun movie, and a clever modernisation. It is hard to imagine that he couldn't get a really punk girlfriend with that face, it made more sense when he was a beast like in the book.  

Triggers: Scarification tattoos and deep scars on his body, wrists and neck.

Red Riding Hood- was really underrated, very clever fairytale retelling. I liked the inclusion of the ruthless werewolf hunter. A fantastic fairytale retelling!

Priest- I loved the contrast between Bladerunner-esque city and cowboy style desert town in Priest. It definitely surpassed expectations! It was a solid quality Post-Apocalyptic vampire Western more than an action movie.

Zombieland- Terrifying at moments, but hilarious and brilliant! Even though zombies really scare me, I still enjoyed it. Woody Harrelson was hilarious!

More movies to come in the second half of #Beastlymovieweek


Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf

Killing Joke- A Love Like Blood


Comic- A Love Like Blood, Gordon Rennie, John Smith, Frazer Irving

Finished The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, which I loved. Innocent people who might be infected forced to be vampire fodder, kids who want to be vampires but don't understand what it really means to go to a Coldtown, reality TV shows about vampire hunters and vampires- a fascinating look at what vampirism might be like in our modern society of TV ratings and celebrities.

Started Peeps (Scott Westerfeld): Fascinating concept of vampirism as a parasite. The parts about parasites were so horrifying I ended up skipping most of them, I suppose it is testament to how well written a book it is that I am still reading this!


  1. Ah, cool! I've been watching lots and lots of movies lately as well, I'm just not sure if I should review them or not...Anyway, I absolutely love postapocalyptic sci - fi westerns like Priest, for example, that movie was cool. ^^ I'll check the others. :)

    1. Yes, science-fiction movies always have fascinating concepts, I was addicted to science-fiction as a kid! I like the mix of science-fiction and fantasy/horror concepts!

  2. Love Ginger Snaps, Lost Boys - and Blood and Chocolate. I like the European setting and Hugh Dancy is just yummy :)

    What a lovely idea, having horror movie friend dates. My man and I usually dig in on the horrors come autumn.

    1. :) Hugh is so adorable!

      Actually I watched an old Merchant Ivory movie with my friend, and an episode of Ruby Gloom, I have been watching the others with myself! Lol. I don't do horror movie nights with other people because I am scared they will bring something that scares me! I am really picky with movies because when you believe in ghosts and monsters they can be really scary!

  3. Fun movies! You've got me wanting to re-watch some of them now!

  4. I love the movies Ginger Snaps and the Lost Boys, and I thought the remake of (Little) Red Riding Hood was outstanding. I could never buy Tom Cruise as Lestat though - I think I read the book too many times and the image of him as described by Ann Rice stuck in my mind. I haven't seen Blood and Chocolate, I'll have to remedy that!



    1. Ha ha yes, Tom does not look like Lestat! Thanks for your comment! :)

  5. Love Interview With the Vampire and Blood and Chocolate! Both luxuriously delicious beast films! I must check out Ginger Snaps. I remember being terrified of the poster of that film when I saw it hanging in the local movie rental place as a child. I think I am brave enough now though ;)

    1. Thanks. Yeah Ginger Snaps is pretty creepy, but there are definitely moments of dark comedy!