Sunday, 13 July 2014

Outfits from Books: Reiko Fata

Reiko Fata is from Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour. I adored this book. I want all the clothes and creepy beautiful houses! 

Reiko Fata is all red and black, a stylish and elegant femme fatale.

In the book Reiko actually has long black hair, but I think my hair looks fine with the outfit, too.

Lace and red bead necklace: eBay
Gloves: One secondhand, one from England, years ago, I lost the other one of that pair.
Jacket: Vintage shop
Black lace dress: Secondhand
Red slip: Secondhand


I think Jilly Tracy's song Evil Night Together is perfect for Reiko!

Makeup for Reiko:

Bright red lipstick, black lines to accentuate the edges of the eyes. Like an evil, beautiful doll.


  1. You had me at "red and black"! Such beautiful outfit.

    By the way, the eye and lip make up made me thing sexy geisha... ;-)

  2. Oh, your hair looks more, then fine with this outfit and these colors and the song is perfect for a femme fatale...;)
    I googled the book and it seems really cool, so thanks for the tip! ^^

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, it suits you well! :) I love how you did poses like the character would probably do.

  4. Another gorgeous outfit, I'm loving your new hair, it really suits you :)

  5. Red and black are my favourite colours! Love this outfit and your new hair looks very pretty!

  6. seems like a cool book! love the look

  7. Yes! Evil Night Together is a brilliant song that deserves to be better known. I love it. And I love that outfit you're wearing, perfect for the music! Thank you for hopping over to my blog and joining me for tea with Miss White Rabbit.

  8. Never read the book but the outfit is amazing! You look a little evil ;) in a good way, haha.

  9. Very pretty gothic like ;o) I love it ;o)

  10. Love that outfit, you look fab. Haven't heard of the book, I'll have to check it out.

  11. I love the lipstick. :)