Sunday, 6 July 2014

Future Home and Garden

It doesn't have to be big or grand. A cottage in the woods would be perfect.

With rescued dogs. No idea what they will look like yet, of course. 

And chickens.

Some kind of space to write, it doesn't have to look like this, but a window is always great.

And some kind of faery castle, perhaps, if the dogs don't knock it down.

Of course my partner and our wicked bird child would come live with me.

He may look like an innocent little bird, but he really isn't!

And a garden, of course. Perhaps fruit trees, vegetables and flowers...

I'd love an archway.

A summer house would be lovely.

Perhaps even a river with a little bridge.

But such things are not essential!

Love, a bit of nature and pets make a home!


  1. super , j'aime un peu de magie dans un jardin
    des coins et recoins de rĂªves
    merci de ton petit mot
    j'adore les chats et les oiseaux
    edith (iris)
    j'ai mis des jolis petits jardins dans mon pinterest
    un petit coup d'oeil ::::::::

  2. That is how we live, and yes, we love it - though we don't have a bridge :)

  3. Oh, I will come visit ;o) Beautiful ;o)

  4. Ah, such pretty pics! I love the first one, the atmospere!
    (I just got internet again, so I'm looking through all the blog posts I've missed) ;D