Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Style Inspiration: Rasputina- Mad Victorian

Rasputina are one of my favourite bands! Like a lot of others, I came to know them through the song Transylvanian Concubine that Drusilla dances to in Season 2 of Buffy.

I love their style, I wish there were more good pictures of them.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment

In Australia we hardly have Winter, and Summer is just... bascially like sitting inside a sauna. There is nothing to be done but stay inside if you can. So I think I will just imagine a perfect summer day and evening instead.


I get up late, the sun is up, the sky is blue but there is a soft, fragrant breeze, and it's not all hot and sweaty. 

I go down to the kitchen for a cup of tea

Of course, all the animals want their breakfast!

 I feed them then let the dogs outside to play so I can eat some pancakes or croissants in peace.

I head to my writing studio at the end of the yard to write.

I come in for lunch, Jon and I end up having a picnic lunch on the lawn.

It will actually be food, but the puppy picture was the cutest. 

I take a nap under a tree.

Dusk falls, a purple sky, and warm air after the summer day. Perfect for an evening party!

Fairylights hang over the party. 

Maybe lanterns too

We have a lovely night. The animals love all the attention and eventually fall asleep and have to be carried to bed. 

Time for bed! The guest rooms are full. 

Goodnight all! I hope you had a lovely day!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week in Review: Beastly Movie Week

Monday 21st- Sunday 27th July

Craft day with my friend Fiona
More faery sewing
More writing
Saw my friend Kat, ate scones and watched movies together
I also started my own #Beastlymovieweek

Bryan Dick in Blood and Chocolate

Beastly movie week: Beginning Wed 23rd

While Ginger Snaps, Interview with The Vampire, Lost Boys and Bram Stoker's Dracula are my favourites, I wanted to discover a few new films.

Blood and Chocolate- Apart from the fact the plot is about 98% dissimilar from the book, is actually an enjoyable movie. Hugs for Hugh Dancy and Bryan Dick for some heartfelt performances.

Beastly- A fun movie, and a clever modernisation. It is hard to imagine that he couldn't get a really punk girlfriend with that face, it made more sense when he was a beast like in the book.  

Triggers: Scarification tattoos and deep scars on his body, wrists and neck.

Red Riding Hood- was really underrated, very clever fairytale retelling. I liked the inclusion of the ruthless werewolf hunter. A fantastic fairytale retelling!

Priest- I loved the contrast between Bladerunner-esque city and cowboy style desert town in Priest. It definitely surpassed expectations! It was a solid quality Post-Apocalyptic vampire Western more than an action movie.

Zombieland- Terrifying at moments, but hilarious and brilliant! Even though zombies really scare me, I still enjoyed it. Woody Harrelson was hilarious!

More movies to come in the second half of #Beastlymovieweek


Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf

Killing Joke- A Love Like Blood


Comic- A Love Like Blood, Gordon Rennie, John Smith, Frazer Irving

Finished The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, which I loved. Innocent people who might be infected forced to be vampire fodder, kids who want to be vampires but don't understand what it really means to go to a Coldtown, reality TV shows about vampire hunters and vampires- a fascinating look at what vampirism might be like in our modern society of TV ratings and celebrities.

Started Peeps (Scott Westerfeld): Fascinating concept of vampirism as a parasite. The parts about parasites were so horrifying I ended up skipping most of them, I suppose it is testament to how well written a book it is that I am still reading this!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Faery Sewing: Torn Lace

I forgot to get any before pictures of this adapted dress. It was a fairly plain beige dress that I sewed lace, ribbon roses and a little cameo button onto. 

The sides of the lace bustle are pulled up by ribbons which can be undone.

The skirt lace is from an old rageddy skirt, the lace on the bodice was from an old dress. I sewed on all the decorations.

Sorry but for some reason Blogger refuses to show these the right way up, even if I rotate them. 

Neckline of dress:

Bow at waist. It was actually given to me by a cute little girl who liked my hair on the way to my first Cobweb club.

Necklace was a long ago gift from my boyfriend, the green jacket is my elf coat from Euphoric Garments

Purple hair on the purple carriage. I love how I match the carriage better and better as time goes on. For those who do not live in the Sydney/ Newcastle area, the purple carriage is special because it was randomly decorated in purple, unlike the rest of the train which is still the old, faded green. Even the toilets have purple metal walls!

With my lovely friend Fiona

Friday, 25 July 2014