Monday, 2 June 2014

Reblog The Kissed Mouth: The Wight Weekend: Immortal Maid


 "Normally, I would be cautious in describing the post of 'maid' as being positive, so many young women worked long, hard hours in menial, back-breaking labour, but in the case of the Cameron household, things were a little different.  After all, how many maids got to act as a photographic assistant, both sides of the camera?"

" Mary was very beautiful and served as both model and photographic assistant in a household where meals were served when the photographs were ready."

Read the full article here: The Wight Weekend: Immortal Maid

Julia Margaret Cameron's dreamy photography is so inspiring to me, it's interesting to gain a bit of insight into her household, and into the painstaking process of photography back then.

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