Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pants! For the first time in years!

I can never usually find pants that fit and are comfortable, I haven't worn pants except PJ pants in Winter and gym shorts for years. I couldn't resist getting this pair secondhand for $10 because I loved the green! Luckily they are soft with a stretchy waistband, and sooo comfy to wear! They may not be the most stylish things ever, but they keep my legs warm, and I like them! I have been wearing them for a few days.

As you can tell, I am a bit obsessed with green at the moment. Imagining I am a forest elf...

Oversized green jacket- secondhand
Pants- secondhand off someone on Facebook swap group
Boots- the usual ankle boots


  1. Oh, they look cute! Very forest elf-y! I'm the exact opposite... always in pants.

  2. They really look good on you, and I love the fabric.
    I've got problems finding comfy pants I like, too, so most of the time I just wear harem pants as I can make them myself.

  3. It looks cute ^^
    When I was younger I used to wear pants and only pants all the time, and while I post way more skirt - outfits on my blog, I still prefer pants for practicality and comfort's sake. Skirts just make for more interesting looks. ^^

  4. They look great on you. green is definitely your colour.

    I never wear trousers either apart from pyjamas :)

    (pants are male underwear here in the UK)

  5. That green suits you lovely. And the top goes great with the pants. Love the outfit!

    I like pants, but I hate shopping for them. I can't never find a good pair right away.