Sunday, 8 June 2014

Faery and Hobbit Inspired Outfits

Faery/ Mori girl inspired outfit

Jumper: secondhand shop
Dress: street stall in Newtown
Footless tights: ?
Black ruffle socks: eBay
Shoes: Clothing swap

The Hobbit/ Russian Fairytale/ Mori girl inspired outfit

Necklace: Jon's parents got it for me at Cawdor castle in Scotland
Peasant blouse: secondhand shop
Shawl: Shop 55
Skirt: secondhand shop

Outfit for my early birthday dinner: the blue dress again. Sorry for the ratty photos. My camera can't really take photos at night, even with the lights on.

Faery warrior princess

This jacket isn't qutie such a bright blue in real life

I love the inside out style and sewn details on this dress!

Jacket: secondhand off someone on Facebook (it's Peace Angel, one of my favourite brands)
Dress: secondhand shop
Socks: Sockdreams
Boots: Discount shoe warehouse, I love these, I had to get two pairs this time, after my old ones wore away, they are so comfortable, the fit is perfect, and they have a bit of a pixie style to them. I wear them almost everywhere!


  1. I especially love your Mori kei dress and that blue second hand skirt, it's beautiful!
    All of your outfit posts are so lovely, always. <3

  2. You have such a lovely style! <3 You have plenty of clothes that I'd like to wear, even I am much more darker and gothic than you.
    Someway you remind me of Violet Baudelaire from A Series of unfortunate events.

    1. Aw thank you! That is such a lovely compliment!

  3. So pretty outfits! My favorite is the white dress you've found in Newtown, the skirt's asymmetric hem is really nice and airy. :) The Russian inspired outfit with the black shawl is also really beautiful!

  4. I love the color scheme of your mori girl outfit, that sweater is such a great staple piece and the unexpected red and black tights complete the look...I'm not much into striped tights myself, but you made me wear red & black with beige now...;)

    The Russian Fairy tale dress (skirt?) is beautiful too and I love the fairy dress - striped socks - lace up boots combo as well. ^^

    1. Ha ha, thanks! I just had cold legs, I didn't realise I would start a 'thing' going with red, black and white! :)

  5. the blue skirt and blue dress are awesome! And your braid. I can't wait till my hair is long enough to braid!

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah, it's nice that it's long enough to just do little braids, makes me not miss my long hair too much. I miss it for the things I could do with it, though, not for how hot it made my hair in summer or all the maintenance!

  6. That white dress, I loooove.

  7. Your posts make me feel like I should do outfit posts, give my wardrobe a proper outing now and again :)

  8. What a beautiful enchanting! Love the striped stockings of course! Wonderful photo series....such fun-spiritedness!
    Shine on!