Friday, 23 May 2014

More Lovely Things

Some carnations with different petals to the usual ones. They last well and are still going strong a week later!

Reading this book at the moment! It is amazing, inspiring, and totally perfect for the discoveries I am currently embarking on!

I managed to find one of my favourite childhood movies on DVD! It was even better than I remembered!

Fallen leaves, feathers and berries I found on a walk.

I am not sure who wrote this, but it is beautiful:

I Am

I am the wind that blows through the trees
I am the voice of spirits
I am the weight of gravity, the embrace of the Earth
I am the present moment
I am growth and nature's desire
I am peace in the forest
I am my higher self
I am connected
I am that which I encounter
I am here.
I am now.

 Last but not least, I found this gorgeous, inspiring bookmark in our local Gnostic Enchantments store today.

I also got to choose an Oracle Card and it really seems to point to good things ahead!


  1. That book looks good, Laura! Hopefully, I can find it on Amazon ... I'm getting tired of reading horror story anthologies. :)

    1. It should be on Amazon, you can also get it from Book Depository and they do free shipping. I hope you get it, it is a really inspiring book!

  2. Oh, those carnations are so unusual and pretty! Love the vase too!

    I haven't seen it in years, but I loved that 'Fairy Tale' movie. I used to have a book of the film with the most gorgeous photos in it, but it disappeared at some point. A casualty of many house moves, no doubt. *le sigh*

    1. It's a wonderful movie, it inspired me so much as a child, glad to say it's still just as magical as an adult, if not more so. That book would have been lovely!

  3. Those flowers are so summery!!!

  4. So many lovely things!

    I haven't seen carnations like those before.

    That book does look interesting and I used to watch Fairy Tale with my daughter when she was younger, it was one of her favourites. We may still have it somewhere.

    I hope you've had a perfect weekend :)

  5. I adore carnations! They smell so divine and yours are a fun shape! Your findings from your walk are super fun. I like finding treasures on walks and hikes and have passed that love on to my kids and nieces and nephews! I watched the Fairytale movie a while ago and did like it! What fun lovely things!

  6. Those flowers are so pretty! Very different! I love them! The verse that you wrote down is so beautiful! Great card you picked ;o) Very exciting ;o)