Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ironfest Photos Day 2

I was lucky enough to stay with the team from The Nerdyheard and Geeks Who Go. They were so friendly. And I woke up the second morning to find an amazing view outside our cabin!

Parrots in a nearby tree

Could a Troll live under the bridge?

Sunlit fields and golden trees!

Being a faerie on the verandah, the wind was very wild.

I met an amazing Tia Dalma who seemed oddly familar, it took me all day to realise she was an old friend, that's how good the costume was!

I want a Gypsy caravan on a truck like this!

Trying on 14 kg of chain mail.

The steam engine driving by

With Predatorette

The talented and lovely lady behind The Tattered Tower

I wish I could have got a better photo of this medieval Iron Man! You can't see the mask here.

Lady Chatsalot, designer and Teaduelling Pot Mistress.

Nathan as the Steampunk Samurai

I was so happy to see this guy with his amazing one wheel motorcycle here again, it really works, too!

The Tripods are coming! Built by Dij, one of our amazing Steampunk makers.

Some people from the 1920s dropped by

This aerialist was performing under quite terrifying conditions, her silks were flapping around while she did her acrobatics, there was someone at the bottom trying to hold them down a bit.

A marching band

A Regency lady meets giant spacemen. 

One of the lovely crew of the Airship Sirius. They made all their wonderful possessions. I bought a beautiful smelling lavender sachet from one of them.

She's reading Sherlock Holmes.

Blacksmith bumper sticker!

Sketch of our Ironfest group by one of the Nerdyheard interns.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love your fairy dress outfit, that green looks great on you.

  2. Wow, truly amazing! Nothing quite as adventurous as that down here sadly.

    Great images and costumes. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. You're always going to the greatest parties and events! I'm jealous, nothing ever happens over here.

  4. The views from where you were staying are amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how excited I'd be to see WILD parrots! :)

  5. Great photos! I looove your outfit. So elven and pretty! :D