Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ironfest Day 3 and Faery Toadstool

More photos of the place where we stayed. On the second day, some of the others pointed out chickens and goats to me behind their cabin. Apparently there was also a horse that I missed out on seeing. 

I didn't take a lot of photos the last day of Ironfest, I was quite busy. I plan to try and get some tea duel photos off others soon and do a report on that!

It was hard to get it to show up in the photo, as it was far away and there were lots of trees, but there is a river on the property! How beautiful!

Gigantic trees in beautiful hues!


Autumn colours

Best of all, I found a faery toadstool! I let it be, of course. You don't take things that belong to the faeries.


Cate as a Martian (I wish I got a better photo of her glittery red makeup) and Pot Mistress Lady Chatsalot in a self-made outfit.

Irene Adler watches the Tea Duel.


  1. Love these pictures, the trees with their Autumn colours and the beautiful toadstools. I'm glad you didn't disturb them :)

  2. Beautiful scenery. Kind of looks like a place where Hobbits would live. The rolling hills. And all those luch colours.