Saturday, 19 April 2014

Outfit Update


Blouse and skirt secondhand
Hat from Shop 55 Vintage

I love Black Forest Mori or Dark Mori as it is also called. Is it any surprise? I love fairytales, forests, witches. My favourite story collection as a kid was set in the Black Forest and Black Forest is one of my three favourite desserts. 
First Mori inspired outfit:
Boy it was a really hot day. Mori is definitely not the most comfortable thing to wear in Summer heat. It is meant to be Autumn now, but the weather still thinks it's Summer.

Layer rundown:

Short dress/ long top with slit sleeves under lace and mesh dress and slip, both opshopped

Three necklaces (details further down), velvet and mesh loose jacket from opshop, black and floral shawl from street stall

Socks from sockdreams (I purposefully mismatched them)

 Nailpolish, scarves, cream coloured ruffled umbrella. It was a very sunny day, so the small amount of time I was in the sun, the umbrella probably helped me not get burned.

I just realised my nailpolish is the same colour as in the last mori post. This is actually my favourite nailpolish colour ever. I got some of it on sale about maybe 5 years ago and was unable to find any since until a year or so ago when I found some more on sale, from a different brand. The name of the original one was Blood Plum which is kind of spooky even though it's a real fruit. :P

Necklaces, left to right:
Mushroom necklace by Yizzimindi (link)
Vintage necklace from a friend
Plastic diamond necklace from boyfriend's mum
Recycled pendant from unfinished jewellery lot

A funny older man at the station asked me what the stone was in the second necklace. When I told him it was artificial, he said, 'oh no, I thought you were a real princess.' Aw.

I went to the tattoo expo with my friend Natalie. This is what I wore.

Skeleton hairclips from eBay
Jacket secondhand
Lace t-shirt from a friend
Skirt secondhand with fabric patches I sewed on

 This was the only picture that I managed to get that really shows my necklace. I made it out of a single earring with a skull and poison bottle that I got at the clothing swap. I just put the earring on a round loop and threaded it onto a piece of velvet ribbon.

Shot from photobooth at Tattoo show.

Mori experimentation:

Skeleton hand hairclip from eBay
Necklace made by me out of earring
Black blouse from friend
Purple dress secondhand

Cosplay BBQ

Cameo bought a long time ago
Cannotier made by Yizzimindi
Waistcoat secondhand
Black ruffly blouse from eBay
Skirt from Bodyline
Tights from Woolies (possibly Bonds brand)
Shoes by Bodyline (bought secondhand off Facebook)

Mori inspired:

Waistcoat secondhand
Dress secondhand

Bat hairclip: Restyle
Nekclaces: lapis lazuli, ankh, scrap piece, key


  1. Ooo, my favourite outfit is the one you wore to the tattoo show - gorgeous! And your hair is beautiful, works very well with the hat ;)

  2. Loving all your outfits and I adore the little mushroom necklace!

    1. Thanks, it's by my friend Yasmin, this is her store if you are interested.

  3. I love your outfits, what a wonderful closet you have!

    You won my giveaway, please email me :)

  4. Oh, I missed this somehow...lovely outfits, I think, the mori outfit is really cute, I love that dress. :)

  5. I really can't say which one's my favourite, I just love your style! Also, the second picture is just lovely. <3

  6. Like a little fairytale princess who walks around in the world spreading her fairydust and magic :)

    1. Thank you so much! Your words really warm my heart! You are such a bright soul!