Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ironfest Photos Day 1

On the 25th to the 27th I was lucky to be able to attend the awesome Ironfest down in Lithgow! Here are a few pictures I took. Stay tuned for part two and Teaduelling pictures!

Foggy vistas on the way to Ironfest

Beautiful and delicious cupcakes at the Cosplay tent

I met a Star Trek captain!

Cupcake selfie

An amazing remote control drone in the night sky. Unfortunately my camera couldn't focus on it very well.

Gorgeous faery leather cuff from the leather stall at Ironfest.


  1. Wow! Some gorgeous cosplay outfits there.

    You have the most wonderful outings!

    I love the cuff too :)

  2. Oh, I also want to go to different events where I am dressed like that. I have done a bit of live action role playing game, maybe I should do that again soon.

    Oh and that fairyshop Pandora Jane and the norwegian blog that you told me about- how gorgeous! Thank you Laura, I love to find about new, inspiring places on the net.

  3. Hi Lovely it was great to meet you at Ironfest love the photo you took of me i am your first steampunk lady in your images hope to see you at winter magic ! Cheers Tammy Bateman

  4. omg those cupcakes yummm