Saturday, 8 March 2014

Web Roundup

"A girl shoots a man dead at a ball for treading on her foot and declining to apologise."

According to a commenter on Facebook, the glue may crack or yellow, you should actually buy a clear paint base and not add colours to it. A fascinating idea nonetheless! 

The incredible art of carved leaves

Some concerns about Sauron's battle plan

 Beautiful paintings by James Tissot

Fierce gowns that scream world domination

Old photographs of the Romanovs

Joanne Harris: Shoes in Fairy Tales

The perfect Victorian Christmas! I am so jealous!

Amazing historical hairstyles to do at home

Atlas Obscura

Making cinnamon rolls

This amazing snow art can only be truly appreciated from far away!

Homemade apothecary jars

Christmas in Victorian times

92 year old grandmother creates a spectacular collection of embroidered temari spheres

The beautiful music of The Mediaeval Baebes

The amazing wedding of the talented Lauren of American Duchess

Victorian accessory: Skirt lifter

The Cafe From Hell

Mary Poppins Zodiac Cake

Making marzipan cameos!

 Signs you belong in a Period piece romance

Wilkie Collins & the woman who inspired The Woman In White

Amazingly dreamy and beautiful photoshoot

6 Unusual Must-Have Sewing Room Tools


  1. Cocaine for toothache, what a very Freudian idea. ;-D

    1. It is kind of amusing and terrifying! Here, cure this not so bad problem with a worse addiction! Ah, early medicine! One of the many reasons I am glad not to actually live in the past, and just create my own Steampunk fantasies!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it! It makes me want to travel even more! (Sulks)

  3. Seeing Things / Life Art Collide's blog has been deleted. I'm sad. I knew she was taking a break from blogging, but I wonder what happened that she deleted it? :(

    1. Oh no! I loved that blog! And there were some great DIYs and images to use in DIYs that I would have saved if I had known that! She was so creative! :(

      I changed the link to a pinterest page of links to DIY apothecary jars, but they aren't as awesome as hers!

  4. Love the glittery walls - reminds me of Tara's dorm room in season 5 of Buffy.
    Also love the world domination dresses, Hell Café (located right next to Heaven) and the sleep paralysis photos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great collection of finds from around the web, thank you for sharing :)

  6. This was such a fun read! And thanks so much for sharing my unusual sewing room tools post!!