Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Style Inspiration: Black Forest Mori

I have always been inspired by fairytales, the fae and forest dwelling creatures.

I love this style but while I am pretty good at putting neat and lovely outfits together I am not so good at adding that charmingly dishevelled look. It has inspired me for a while, though, and I want to try and incorporate some of it into my style.

I have highlighted in red the things that apply to me, although of course, it never really matters if you perfectly fit a description. A lot of the outfits on the second tumblr also seem to include items I have or want to have, which means it is a great style to take inspiration from, already having the basics.

I did not write the list. If you like it, please visit the original blogs.

The Reliquatory

Strega's Forest

Original Black Forest Mori Girl description by Shadyoaks

"black forest mori: if a mori girl is a sheep, the black forest girl is the wolf. She and the romantic goth have many interests in common, the metaphysical and the macabre are as fascinating and beautiful a facet of nature as life and light. Rather than letting the “memento mori” idea get them down in the dumps, they allow it to let them appreciate living while respecting death. Humor about both is essential to them and the classic gothic motifs like bats, spiders, spiderwebs and crosses are cute and charming to them"

"Black Forest Mori via x-milkteeth.
BFM Checklist via Strega’s Forest:
  1. Wants to look like a witch or a dark fairy from the woods
  2. Likes to wear Dark, dusty colours, but also jewel and earthy tones.
  3. All white outfits can be pretty for a ghostly look.
  4. Vintage clothes are a must
  5. Antique, used or ragged laces and silks
  6. Flowers, Leaves, feathers, or antlers make pretty headpieces.
  7. Natural stones, bones, taxidermy and silver jewelry is best.
  8. Leather accessories (belts, pouches, cuffs, corsets…)
  9. Anything Furry could work
  10. Knitted Items, Handmade is best
  11. Layering is the key,
  12. Medieval, Victorian, Folklore and 1920’s inpirations
  13. Ethnic Clothes
  14. Hats. Big, quirky and always decorated. I need more hats.
  15. Floral patterns and animal prints
  16. Might have some Lolita or Steampunk inspiration
  17. Helena Bonham Carter is a great style icon.
  18. Dramatic silent movie make up, tribal paints or very natural look works fine.
  19. Legwear is fun to experiment with. Wearing stripey socks can add to the traditional witchy look I looove stripy socks.
  20. Can look flirtacious, seductive at times. Corsets are welcome for this look.
  21. Crushed velvet
  22. Prefers Dresses and Skirts, longer the better.
  23. Shawls, ponchos and hoods.
  24. Laced up boots, pointy shoes, victorian heels and clogs.
  25. Braided hair, messy curls, or dreads are good hairstyles.
  1. Likes anything spooky or creepy
  2. Collects oddities
  3. Might be attracted by witchcraft and esoterism
  4. Might tend to have a « natural »lifestyle
  5. Believes in Fairies, and Spirits
  6. Crafty Girl
  7. Has a familiar/pet, and most likely a cat or rats. I want a cat one day. A cat in a hat.
  8. Rather solitary girl,kind of an introvert
  9. Might prefer Dark Music scenes, from traditional goth, ambiant to Black Metal.
  10. Likes Tribal Fusion Dancing
  11. Strangeness over Prettiness
  12. Loves books. Old Bookstores are a favourite place.
  13. Somewhat rebellious, strong willed and free-spirited, but still Lady Like
  14. Romantic, Melancholic
  15. Might have little quircks, superstitions
  16. Loves Tea
  17. Folklore, Fairytales, Legends and Myths from the North are favourites, but might like Oriental cultures as well.
  18. Loves antiques.
  19. Thrifting is a favourite activity
  20. Always thinks « warm and cosy »
  21. Might be a bit messy, but always with style
  22. Might drink alcohol on occasions. Mead and spicy wines drunk in a horn, or strong alcoholin a pretty flask.
  23. Collects bottles and fiols
  24. Likes to take walks in the Forest, after the rain, at dusk or event at night.
  25. Preraphaelites, Arthur Rackham, William Bouguereau or Brian Froud are favourite artists.
Sort of like Mori Kei x Antique Kei x Gothic x Naturalist Kei x Curio…
I’m ok with this.
Image by Laura Makabresku, whose Flickr is amazing."

Some inspiration pictures. Mostly from Strega's Forest

She just looks amazing!

That dress is amazing. Look at the collar and layers! I love the look of bird skull jewellery but I got rid of mine when I got my little Isambard Steamparakeet, it made me sad.

I have some great shawls now, need to get them out. An ensemble like this might work.

I love crimson and black. I have a burgundy longish coat.

I have a jacket thing a lot like that and a ocuple of black hats. I want the skirt though.

Makes me wish I had more rings though I never wear them. I pull them around and take them off.

I love this, Mori from a Lolita base. 

A faux fur hat might be cute.

Want a knitted poncho. My friend is making me antlers for another event.

I have a jumper similar to that. 

I have brown boots. Want those socks though. I have similar gloves in brown.

I love striped tights and want more


  1. oh my god, these are all so gorgeous!

  2. Oh, DEER! :p I've been looking for something about this style for quite a long time, but I completely forgot its name! I'm absolutely in love with it, but I needed some inspirational/example photos to start collecting the right stuff :) THANKS A LOT, you saved me, fellow Black Forest Mori lover :)

    1. No problem. I am addicted to the Strega tumblr now. It's nice how she links things too! Also a lot of the awesome outfits seem to be from here. http://pandora-hydrangea-velours.polyvore.com/?.embedder=8764405&.svc=tumblr

  3. Oh, amazing! I'm going to check out these sites and copy the checklist if you don't mind. ^^
    I've been doing research on mori and dark mori kei as well, I find it most appealing because it mixes dark, vintage and fantasy - three things I love - so neatly. Kinda like steampunk, but better...!

    In fact, I was wondering around in a thrift store today and I saw so many amazing things that would fit a modernized, casual dark mori kei wardrobe very well...and while I absolutely can't afford them right now, I'm thinking about getting rid of some old clothes and getting a new wardrobe soon...well, once I have a job and Itachi's been healed. :)

    1. Keep an eye out in opshops, you can find some good plain stuff to layer. I am planning to put together some outfits soon, though I am not great at layering.

    2. Oh and the checklist is from Reliquatory, I am sure they won't mind if you credit them.

    3. Yes, thank you, I tracked down the original post, so I can credit you both now. ^^ I'm not good at layering either, but by now, I'm sick of winter and clothes, so I'm going to try...you know, for some diversity. :)

    4. Sounds great! :) I can't wait to see what you do! :)

  4. This looks alot like my style! Dark, romantic and bohemian - though I have never liked animal detailing like feather, fur or taxidermy.

    1. Yeah I like my fur fake. I have/had a wolf claw somewhere that is made of resin too. One of my friends is making me fake horns, although horns are actually one of the things that the deer actually lose naturally, so using them is actually fine.

  5. Oh wow! Amazing outfits! I'd probably wear all of these. I adore the rings too.

  6. Reading the list I can clearly put myself in the dark mori box. I'm not very fond of being in town, I visit it very seldom, but I walk in the forest almost every day. It's a little funny that the scandinavian fashion has been looking like mori kei or dark mori for several years before it was a japanese style mentioned around the world. It goes along with the interior style shabby chic or french/scandinavian country style.
    I have a crow claw necklace but I use it very rarely, I would never buy a new fur unless it came from one who treats the animal right and is a biproduct from meat.
    I have also started a tumblr blog wich is more dark mori oriented.

    1. Walking amongst trees is very relaxing. I live in a town but it has areas of trees, so I get both easy access to transport, food, library, etc. and also nature, which is nice.

      I got rid of my fake bird skull earrings when I got my little bird, I felt sad looking at them even though they were fake. I would love some claw and antler themed jewellery, but all artificial, I think I'd like it made of pewter or something. I would love to see your tumblr!

  7. great post! I consider this the definitive explanation of this style, having went searching for some examples of this a few months ago.

    1. It is a great explanation! I am not sure if it was up last time I looked up mori, but it definitely confirms that the key elements have a lot in common with things I like!

  8. I love the (dark) mori style! I've been inclined to make a post about it at some point ... when I have more time and money on my hands I'd like to start making some clothing that matches this style. I really need to do some wardrobe updates, now that I know how to give my old sewing machine some TLC.

  9. I love this style.. would like to wear things like this every day. I had no idea there was a name to it.
    Oh, and I must add that I think your name Laura Morrigan is really enchanting!

    1. Isn't it great when you can put a name to things? It is also known as dark mori but I like Black Forest Mori more, maybe because I always loved fairytales about the Black Forest and Black Forest cake is one of my top 3 desserts!

      Thanks for complimenting my name, I like it when people notice! I chose the last name myself, because I wanted a strong and magical name that really defined me!