Thursday, 13 February 2014

Things That Make My Heart Sing

  • My friends! (and boyfriend): Both "IRL" (in real life) friends and my online blogging and Facebook friends inspire me!
  • My little bird Isambard Steamparakeet makes my heart sing when he is not biting. When he bites he just makes me scream! :P We even both like peppermint tea and singing to music together! We love Agnes Obel.
  • Books (how could I live without reading?) I prefer stories set in the Victorian era, Gaslamp Fantasy or Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, and stories filled with magic! I grew up on collections of odd fairytales from around the world, both folktales and modern ones. I love imaginative short stories, and I love to read poetry like Keats, Coleridge, Byron and Poe to my little bird. He listens very intently.
  • Writing. There's nothing like the feeling when you put the words together exactly right and create magic!
  • Sewing. It relaxes me (except when I mess up!) and I feel so happy when I make something wonderful!
  • Picnics and tea parties. I love them, indoors or outdoors (I went to a great indoor picnic last year when there was bad weather on the picnic day). I also met a lot of good friends at Steampunk or Gothic picnics. I had a Bastille Day High Tea for my last birthday.
  • Blogging. I really enjoy getting all the pictures together and writing the blog posts, as well as all the kind comments of people on my blog! I also love reading about other people's lives and interests and styles!
  •  BBC Period Dramas and other fantasy and Victorian era TV series and movies. I also love the Canadian series Murdoch Mysteries about a Late Victorian/ Early Edwardian era detective. It has a lot of in jokes about history and technology that are great for the Neo-Victorian audience.
  • Steampunk. I discovered Steampunk through Richard Harland's book World Shaker in 2011 and it had a huge influence on my entire life. Not only did it renew my love of all things Victorian, but it led to my making most of the good friends I have today.
  • Victorian-esque clothes (traditional, Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Romantigoth). I always feel more myself when I step out in a lovely outfit that expresses who I really am! A Neo-Victorian girl.
  • The Gothic genre. It has inspired as well as terrified me since I was quite young. Stories about darkness, magic, good people fighting against the odds, fascinating wicked people...
  • Faded dreamy pictures. They show me a world I want to fall into.
  • I love art, Impressionist, Surrealist and Pre-Raphaelite art, especially. I would love to live in the world of an Impressionist or Pre-Raphaelite painting!
  • Cameos. I just love them, OK! :P 
  •  Tea (Perhaps it does not make my heart sing, exactly, but it is an essential part of life I cannot do without)
  • Random acts of kindness. For instance a lady who didn't know me giving me a bandaid for my finger I when I cut it rather deeply on my binder, or the smile on the old lady's face when I carried her heavy bag to the car and chatted with her.
  • Travel. My trip to England and Paris with my boyfriend and his family in 2007 and our 2009 trip to Melbourne were amazing, I need money so we can travel more! I also went to Steamfest in Brisbane with my friends Stacey and Mardo in 2013. 
  • My new haircut. My head feels so light and cool! It's amazing! Also it takes no effort to style, it just falls into place!


  1. You have excellent taste :) Similar things also make my heart sing.

  2. Steampunk is amazing. One of the best things to ever enter the writing world.

    And hair cuts that do what they should with little or no work. Those are wonderful too.

    Very nice list!

  3. How lovely to have such a long list of things that make your heart sing! Many of them I recognize myself in too.

    Only saw pictures of "the old you" in the post before this one, but can safely say your new haircut rocks :)

  4. That's a lovely list, and how long...! I can relate to many points on your list, it's nice to see how simple, common things can make people happy. ^^

  5. I think it's wonderful you have such a long list of things that make your heart sing. :o)

  6. OH! MY! GAWDS!!!! Your birdie is SO precious! :) Good list, darling!

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of things I found! And Issy will be pleased you think he's cute, hope it doesn't go to his head!