Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Showing my hair length this morning. Roughly 21cm. (Some bits longer than others)

This afternoon. Showing how long my hair used to be!

I have Phryne Fisher/ Amelie/ Lex hair!!!

I just got tired of how heavy it was, all the tangles, how long it took to dry, bags yanking at it, lying on it in bed and hurting myself. I wanted something new and bold and lively!

I LOVE this hairdo! I think it looks at least twice as good as my old 'do! Even the hairdresser was impressed with how it turned out, which is a really good sign!

 I might need to put a really light spray of hairspray in the fringe but not that much, and I tried messing the hairdo up and it really doesn't mess up that badly. It's long enough to get out of the way JUST BY PUTTING IT BEHIND MY EARS which is a novel experience for me. I can also tame it with a couple of pins or hairbands! This seems crazy after the sheer weight of my hair when I used to bundle it up at the back of my head. It was definitely making my scalp hurt!

Getting it done at a proper hairdressing place made all the difference, I have never got it to look that good cutting it myself. And it was a discount place too so I got a great cut for only $24 AUD!


  1. You look adorable! Definitely rocking the Phryne look! :)

  2. I was always more of a fan of long hair, but when it comes to your new hairstyle I must admit you honestly do look spectacular! <3 It really suits you

  3. I can't hide I prefer short hairdos, they tend to suit people better than long ones - you are no exception, I love the bob! The only minus to short hair is looking the same all the time, because they cannot be styled into different fancy hairdos.

  4. You look lovely! Phryne is a great style (and overall, of course) role model, so congratulations for taking this step!
    I always loved how light and new I felt when I cut my hair off, it's a great feeling.

  5. What, you cut it off? I hope you wont regret it as I did when I cut mine. But I think you look fabulous in your new haircut, there is something very flapper about your look now :) I like it!

  6. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I love love LOVE bangs on you, so wonderful honey!

  7. Hm...wow. Such a drastic change, I would be crying in the corner wishing my old hair back if I did this...but it suits you so much! Well, honestly, I think, it's mostly the bangs, but this new hairstyle adds so much character to your face. Really pretty! :)

  8. OH MY GAWDS!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING! Love it! WAHOO! Congrats on an amazing haircut.

  9. Oh my goodness!!! You cut your hair and it is wonderful looking!! I did the exact same thing right before Christmas...from really long to really short!! Looooove the cut and style on you!!! hahahaha!!! AAAAND, I got my hair cut in the Phryne Fisher fashion as well!! Great minds think alike yes?