Thursday, 20 February 2014

Outfit Update


January was a big crafting month but not a big event month. Tea Duelling was the only real thing I went to. I also had my crafternoon and I have worn that blue dress I made once in January and once in February.

Blouse: Secondhand from a friend
Skirt: Gallery Serpentine, bought off a friend for a great discount!

Blouse: Secondhand. I love the attached tie bit but it doesn't show up too well in pictures.
Skirt: Secondhand

Waistcoat: Some store, a long time ago
Blouse: Secondhand, part of a swap I did with a friend.
Skirt: secondhand. It has awesome sequinned details that refused to show up in the picture:


'Doll' shoes from Clothing swap.

Jacket: Secondhand
Waistcoat: Secondhand
Skirt: Secondhand


Dark blue button up vest/waistcoat- secondhand
White shirt- clothing swap
Purple mesh skirt- secondhand

Grey dress- secondhand

TUK satin Chinese Mary Janes- clothing swap

1920s inspired outfit, I didn't have the 20s hairstyle yet then! The next day I took a couple of photos in the same outfit with short hair.

Lace jacket and dress secondhand

Haircut day! Wednesday 12th Feb!

Purple cardi- borrowed off boyfriend's mum
Black chenille dress with black lace insert, bought years ago at discount outlet


  1. The Mary Janes shoe pic is beyond adorable! It's soooooooo Alice in Wonderland!! :)

  2. All these outfits are gorgeus, especially the first tree, this victorian-ish style suits you so well. I also had a quiet month, I haven't gone out, haven't actually gone anywhere..Actually, January and February, and even March are possibly the most boring months on the year.

  3. These are all very stylish outfits, especially the third one looks gorgeous. The new haircut must feel great, I'm always glad to see someone doing a major change and the cut looks really cool!

  4. Oh gosh I love your outfits! Especially the lace one!! <3

  5. My favourite is the floral skirt with the plaid waistcoat! Such a difference your haircut makes - I love it! :o)

  6. I love all your outfits and cant believe you cut off such long hair, but it really suits you so much more as a bob. I adore the Mary Janes :)

  7. Wow, you have such gorgeous clothes/style!! And I love the bobbed haircut!!

  8. I love that 20s-inspired outfit, it suits you so well, with both haircuts! I guess my favourite piece from this outfits is the attached-tie-that-doesn't-do-well-in-pictures blouse.

  9. Love all these outfits! Fantastic! Your hair looks great!

  10. Doll, start learning the Charleston because you look AWESOME in a 20s inspired dress with that hairdo! I love that cut on you -- your beautiful face was MADE for it.

  11. Laura, we have so many favourite books in common! I can really recommend you to read Irmelin Sandman Lilius and Maria Gripe. They are both Scandinavian but several of their books are translated into english. And your clothes, they look so lovely and interesting. And wearing them you do look like characters from severeal of the books you like

  12. It's really amazing what a new haircut can do to make an outfit from fabulous to a blast from the past! You look so beautiful!