Friday, 7 February 2014

Getting Ready for Autumn and Winter! Fabric Haul and Outfit Ensembles!

I am participating for the first time in Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme post. The jacket pictures are below my fabric ones!

I decided to post some of the fabrics I bought to make skirts recently to encourage me to get them done! I got 2m of each, and just managed to afford all the ones I really wanted! Thank goodness for sales and discounts! I should be able to make some skirts of about knee length, I very rarely wear anything shorter.

I have never been much of a print person, although I have admired cute printed fabrics, but I have been inspired by Bloggers like Bane of GIY, Pixel Pixie of Cuz I Said Sew and Electrobat of Dark Entries (whose blog I only discovered recently) to give it a go.

Octopi fabric, I love their big, shocked looking eyes! Synthetic plaids. I want to use the browny grey one for a cape and deerstalker hat, Sherlock Holmes style. The other two will probably be skirts. I was excited to find the second plaid one too, as it has an orange stripe through it and I wanted something orange for Autumn.

Bat fabric, spiderweb fabric and cutesy ghosts and gravestones fabric, left over from Halloween and very cheap!

Deer fabric, red damask type fabric (there was only 1.5 metres of this, but it was pretty much double wide) and skeleton and pumpkin fabric left over from Halloween.

Brand new fabric print on quilting cotton, kind of Steampunk, kind of surrealist, with the faceless man in the bowler hat. It was $15 but down to $10 on the catalogue sale, so I just managed to afford it!

Some stripy red satin I have had lying around for a while, I have been planning to make a Lolita/circusy type skirt, haven't got around to it yet.

Some amazing fabric with old Victorian advertising type print my friend Yasmin found me last year. Did I mention she is one of the most awesome people? We saw someone at Steamfest in a dress and bodice made entirely of this fabric in two different colours.

Some synthetic satiny plaid material. It came out a bit badly with the flash. I have a lot of this, not quite sure which things I will make with it. Maybe a jacket with ruffly cuffs and a ruffled knee length skirt.

They haven't been prewashed yet, so, since I was feeling in an outfit obsessed mood, I decided to put together some Autumn/Winter ensembles that it is still too hot to wear. Hence the hangers. And just in time to finally join the Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme Post! I am looking forward to it so much! I finally get to wear some nice jackets again! Please excuse the overexposed pictures, it's the only way I can get the lovely details on most of the black clothes to show up!

Everything in this except the skirt is secondhand, although the jacket wasn't that cheap.

Some of the items that make this up that you can't see too well:

Old favourite black lace top. I wore it for the Friday the 13th cemetery photoshoot with my friend Kat.

 Crimson satin/ taffeta thrifted mini open jacket thing. I wore it to Ironfest last year, although I was not entirely happy with the outfit I put together for that. 

Bodyline Lolita skirt L325. I love the gathered bits, it is so gorgeous and quite heavy with all the layers! Excuse the tag, I haven't had a chance to wear it yet!

Grey-violet jacket secondhand
White Gunne Sax blouse off Etsy
 Grey and cream skirt from secondhand stall

I really want more violet in my wardrobe! It's quite a hard colour to find, especially in Victorian-esque garments.

Blue and white blazer from discount shop
Black blouse
Bodyline L325 skirt

Jabot blouse bought off someone on Facebook, I think it's a Lolita brand
Black corduroy skirt with asymmetrical hem and distressed ruffles secondhand
Blue brocade jacket bought at clothing swap. Can you believe it got left at the Goth club and no one came back to claim it!

Velvet on Velvet: 
Lovely soft mid length black velvet jacket from London in 2007
Crimson velvet blouse
Same skirt as picture above.

 Crimson velvet shirt (it's darker, the flash makes it look that bright, but without the flash, it comes out black!)

Black dress secondhand
Black mesh jacket with red embroidery from Vintage shop.

Cream satin jacket secondhand.
Cream dress from secondhand stall.

 Black cap sleeve top secondhand
Lace shrug (worn underneath as sleeves) from some fashion store years ago
 Bodyline 'Antique Clocks' dress

The top. It seems somewhere between a waistcoat, a jacket and a blouse. Thicker than a blouse, but not very warm as a jacket, because it is sleeveless. In winter I could wear this ensemble with another jacket over the top and be nice and warm. The top has lace on the sleeves and collar, black jet beading around the waist and a black velvet ribbon tie at the front. It's not even a fancy brand, but the details are so lovely! If only more modern brands would put this much love into their clothes! 

Long black wool and velvet coat with attached cape detail secondhand (amazing find!)
Crimson velvet scarf with floral embroidery secondhand

The coat: You can see the cape detail here, the braid trimmed velvet on the collar, cape,and bottom of the coat and the missing buttons, which was probably one of the reasons it was such a great deal. That and it is very warm, extremely heavy, and I found it in the middle of summer a couple of years ago.

White blouse from eBay
Wooly/ tweedy waistcoat secondhand
Cameo brooch bought long ago

Caroline K Morgan damask jacket. I got the brown because the pattern showed up best, but how I wish I had bought the black too, despite how expensive it was!
 Same jabot blouse a earlier
 Same skirt as earlier 

I kind of want to dye the jacket burgundy, it's 60% cotton, which is just enough to maybe work.

White Caroline K Morgan jacket that wasn't a great fit, found secondhand. I altered it into a sort of tailcoat myself, hence the work is not perfect, it was one of my first alterations.

I think the white coat might also look nice with the red and black striped skirt I want to make.

I kind of want to dye this one, too, but this one doesn't have the fabric percentages on it, I just know it has some cotton in it.

 Black and red striped top/jacket over Bodyline dress.
Cameo brooch.
The top is quite thin, not an actual Winter jacket, but I like the circusy style of it.

What do you think of the material and outfits? Is there anything you want for your wardrobe for next season?


  1. I'm made jealous over those cute Halloween prints-- I want them fairly badly ;)

    That first jacket is a super find, too! Man you have such luck with second hand goods!

    1. I can't believe those prints were just lying around the sale table! :)

      That jacket was a great find! It was quite pricey for a second hand item, but worth it, I think!

  2. Those fabrics are to die for, I *love* the bat fabric. And I also own that Antique Clock dress, but I still feel slightly uncomfortable in it because I'm not sure how to wear it without losing my entire gothy aesthetic.

    1. I love Antique Clocks! I think it's kind of borderline Gothic Lolita. It also has a vague Steampunk vibe because of the clocks, I have grey clock socks too, but if I wore them together it might be too much! Maybe I will try it out and see!

  3. I love the octopus fabric, and when I saw the grey plaid, I immediately thought of Sherlock Holmes. The bowler and mustache fabric reminds me of the Magritte painting Son of Man (the one with the apple). Great haul!

    1. Yes, I was excited, been wanting to make a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker! I better make a mock up in bad fabric first so I don't muck it up though! I don't normally make hats!

      When I saw that fabric with the bowler hat in the catalogue I knew I wanted it because it reminded me of Magritte!

    2. This Simplicity pattern has a deerstalker:

      It might not be quite what you're going for, but it could make a nice starting point.

  4. I think the deer fabric is my favorite, but I also love the Victorian ad fabric. I'm excited to see what you do with them!

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to start sewing with them, too!

  5. I have never seen bodyline before, but I really like the skirt and the dress! Also the brown damask jacket and the white jacket. Very cool outfits- I have a heck of a time putting together outfits, and people that manage to do it with secondhand/vintage stuff really have my admiration, because I have such a hard time even with new things where there are a lot of sizes to choose from.

    1. Thanks! Bodyline is an online discount Japanese Lolita brand. Some of their stuff is dodgy but some of it is really nice!

      It is nice to know people like my outfits :) thanks. I guess all my years of obsessive opshopping have paid off! :P

  6. Wow you have amazing taste! I love all the crimson.

    1. Thanks! I didn't realise how much crimson clothing I had until I did this post! But it's not enooooogh! I need moooore! :P

  7. You have a great jacket collection - I might have to steal that tailcoat alteration idea. :D

    I am in love with the Victorian advertisement fabric. So cool!

    1. Thanks! I would be flattered if you did steal the idea! Plus it would be great to inspire you back, since you have inspired me!

  8. I love the velvet coat, crimson is my second fav. colour. BEAUTIFUL POST

    1. Thank you! I love crimson and burgundy, can't get enough! :P

  9. Excellent fabric haul! I love the purple bat fabric (of course), and the octopi are too funny! :D But be careful, sewing print skirts can become addictive. ;)

    Your outfits are lovely! I need to follow your example and go through my closet to (try to) put together creative outfits.

  10. Tose fabrics are lovely! I especially love the deer, octopi and Victorian advertisement patterns, but the project I'm looking forward to most is the cape-deerstalker ensemble. I'm planning something sherlockian myself, so I'm really curious about your take.
    Your outfits are great, too, especially the first and last one (and I adore that crimson velvet top).

  11. I simply adore those fabrics! This is a really great post, nice and positive. :D

  12. Lovely fabrics and prints, I wish therewould be a bigger variety of prints available in Hungary as well, I never find anything cute...aaaw, can't wait to see what you make of all these...! ^^

    Putting outfits together before the season arrives is a good idea; this way, you see what you have and what you can make of it or what you need...:)

  13. I actually really like the white tailcoat! It would be very striking over an all black outfit! I think it would look neat with some added black buttons or trim as well.

  14. I am equally jealous of your fabric collection and outwear collection.

  15. What a bunch of lovely items! This deer fabric, I would so make a shirt out of it. And the Bodyline skirt has been on my wishlist for ages. I hope to see it on you in some other post :)

  16. Pre-planning outfits for next season and photographing them is a great idea. I often think of combinations I want to wear, and then forget about them before I get a chance to actually wear them! The jacket in the first outfit is truly amazing, as is that red and black dress. I hope you'll feature some of these outfits in my upcoming Red & Black Week in June! ;)

    Congratulations on your first participation in the Monthly Themes. I'm so happy you decided to join in the fun!