Friday, 24 January 2014

Wives and Daughters Molly Gibson Dress: Romantic Era Dress Pattern

I finally finished my dress from the Romantic Era dress pattern by Sense and Sensibility Patterns.

This one is based on the dress Molly wears in Wives and Daughters.

The original dress:

My dress:

There are some imperfections, but I won't mention them, because it is delightful nevertheless. The top is completely bag lined. There is a white blouse under it, the dress is just the blue part, it is a 'jumper' dress, made to be worn over a blouse. There are 23 pearly buttons sewn down the front, although there are only 10 buttonholes on my version. There is 4m of crochet lace around the bottom of the skirt, and a bit more down the front. I had to go to the fabric shop to get more lace.

My hair's getting longer! Not long enough yet, though!


  1. Wow, congratulations, this dress is so pretty and well made; I haven't noticed any of the imperfections you mentioned. :) And your hair; it's looking really nice!

  2. Such a cute dress. :) Reminds me of Dorothy and Alice. :)

  3. Beautiful job, Laura! You're probably the only person who will ever notice those imperfections, you know. ;o)

  4. The dress is so lovely and very accurate! I think your hair has a perfect lengt. It looks very thick and in nice condition.

  5. The dress looks amazing!
    I'm sure that no one looking at that would notice the imperfections, but you. That always seems to be the case with people and the things they create. :)

    The Girly Gamer