Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Steampunk Sports #2 Tea Duelling

 Australian Tea Duelling rules are slightly different than American ones. Here is the instructional video.

The following photos are from the Second Serpentine Tea Duel on Friday the 17th of January.
The unmarked photos are by Jack Reason, the ones with the little logo are by Chewie Vision.
More photos on the Tea Duelling Association of Australia Facebook page.

Please excuse the photo dump, I put this post off too long because I couldn't choose between my favourites, so now you can just see them all!

With friends Kat, Kat and Yasmin of Yizzimindi, She made her own hat, necklace and mobile phone bracer and also donated a prize.

The Lady Eliza Jane Poursalot Smythe making sure the rules are obeyed. She isn't afraid to use that riding crop!

Drinking water at a tea duel! What a rebel!

Kat is the very image of a Silent Screen Goddess. I have found quite a few pictures of old time stars who look like her.

The bracer and hairpin that Yasmin made

Francesca's striking hair is only equalled in awesomeness by her wardrobe and tiny corsetted waist!

Unknown Steampunk and Beth, being awesome.

Mardo with some tea!

A good shot of my hairdo. 


  1. This is brilliant! I need more friends like yours.

  2. Aw, I wish we had events like this where I live. You all look like you're having such a great time (tea dueling sure sounds and looks fun)! And I love your hairdo, it reminds me of Queen Victoria and the traditional clothing around my town in equal parts.

  3. When I read the title, the image of people flinging tea at each other popped into my head. :P