Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sewing Update: ePatterns and Mock Ups

 The ePattern

I was in a hurry to get some patterns before summer ended, and shipping from America takes a really long time, so I decided to go for ePatterns.

The thing you should know about ePatterns is that if you aren't good at putting puzzles together, they probably aren't for you.

The sheet was about 20 or so pages, I was pretty sure they all printed out in some kind of correct order, but when you get that many pages and you don't even have a big enough table for them all, chaos reigns.

I really needed my boyfriend's help to get them all put together. You need a lot of sticky tape too.

As for the pattern, it was well made, and well formatted so that it printed out on the different sheets, so I can find no fault there. But if you like to just lay your pattern out and trace it without trying to match up lines, then it might be better just to wait for your package to arrive in the post.

Mock Up AKA Toile

I started making up the toile and it was quite confusing for a while, it had a different kind of shoulder line than I am used to, but after examining, the instructions properly, I worked it out. It has been way too long since I sewed anything, so I was a bit rusty! That needs to be remedied this year!

I am still working out my sizing. As clothing sizes go, I don't fit into one exact size, so I had to make up a few different sizes to see what fitted.

At the moment, the bodice piece is pinned together, now I am thinking I will make the armholes a little bigger, then retrace that onto the pattern for the future, and work on the waistband and skirt next.

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