Thursday, 12 December 2013

Web Roundup

Finally, a very long web roundup for you! Enjoy!

These ladies could teach everyone about growing older, dressing up and enjoying life! The 87-year-olds who wear Doc Martens and mini-skirts: World's most glamorous pensioners revealed in new documentary  
I can no longer find the link for the entire show of Fabulous Fashionistas on Youtube, but the ladies are totally inspiring, it definitely gives me hope for my later years. If you want to see more of the ladies, check out some of the videos from 
 and of course, Advanced Style, which is still one of my favourite fashion blogs!


These instructions are a little unclear. I gave it a go, what I thought it might be, but it came out pretty flat. I think you need thicker hair or a hair rat.

Not all our foremothers wore taffeta and lace: an amazing photo gallery of inspiring women from the past including the Head Librarian at the State Library, right here in NSW!

During the London Blitz, a woman kept a baby elephant in her backyard to keep it safe from bombing!
Ghostly Meroogal; where time stands still

Because women can be beautiful and smart, the two are not mutually exclusive:

 A very melancholy and darkly mythic interpretation of Labyrinth

St Kilda Gatehouse: Love and Choices: how keeping a drop in centre for marginalised women open longer hours could save lives


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    1. Thanks, I was always fascinated by Marina Abramovic when I was younger, her performance art is really amazing and the links to things like shamanism and the way that humans are so willing to hurt others. I should really look up more of her art again.

  2. That last link, "LOLCats of Yesteryear", surprised me, as I actually HAVE one of the childrens' books that used his pictures! I recognized several of the poses at once. I'd totally forgotten about it until seeing this post. Thanks! :-)

    1. You have one of the books! Wow! How wonderful! :)

  3. Wonderful links, thanks for sharing!