Monday, 23 December 2013

SteamEngine IX: The Automated Alice

On the 6th of December I went to Steamengine IX: The Automated Alice, a Steampunk cabaret show.

Someone told me I looked v. Emily Bronte!  I was so flattered!

To see performer photos go here WARNING some contain nudity.

Dancing with my lovely friend Alice in the intermission. It is good to see her, I don't get to see her enough as she lives so far away!

My outfit
The blouse was secondhand from a Lolita shop, the brooch from a secondhand shop
Waistcoat from discount outlet
Skirt belonged to my friend Yasmin, she hemmed it for me too.

Awesome group photo with my gorgeous friends!

Jen and Ana in her amazing Jabberwocky costume!

With Jen

Alice and Jen

Emma Nemo, Ana, me, Jen and Alice.


  1. Lovely outfit, you looked so elegant and stunning and so did your friends, I adore their costumes. :) I'm not much into going out and clubbing, but I love themed parties and seeing all your fun photos, I wish there were more of them in Budapest as well...:)

  2. Merry Christmas, Laura! :D

  3. What an awesome bunch of girls! You have all very different styles, that makes you even cooler :D.
    Merry christmas!

  4. Your outfit is lovely! Very Emily Bronte indeed!

    Merry Christmas, Laura! ❤