Monday, 2 December 2013

Outfit Update: November Part 2

This one was just a sort of Modern Victorian inspired dress, from a hippie brand. don't worry, I only wore it indoors, so my poor sensitive skin was not burned. I wear cardis when I am outdoors to prevent anymore summer burns. The dress is secondhand. I'd like to do a more structured outfit to go with this, with a cardi/ jacket, tights, necklace, etc. More Victoriana/ Steampunk.

I put a dress and a top with interesting swirly applique together. Not sure if it quite worked. The top is quite loose, so it comes off a bit shapeless. Dress and top secondhand

I wore the following to my friend Fiona's grad show.

Earrings from RedHeart13 on Etsy

Dress secondhand


Detail of flower applique on dress 

With Bryce and Fiona

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