Sunday, 29 December 2013


The weather cooled down so I got to wear my stripy socks!

Steampunk calender from my brother!

Fox mug from my boyfriend

Steampunk anthology, Unnatural Creatures anthology edited by Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton playing cards.

Skull glass! Seen here with weird foreshortening of hand.

A picnic blanket

A printed handkerchief

This wasn't a present, it was just a box I decorated recently. Apart from the bat picture which I found on Google images, and the scrollwork, which was printed on the original box, the rest of the pictures are various printable labels from DIYs on Seeing Things That Aren't Really There.


  1. So many lovely christmas presents!

  2. Such nice gifts, the foxmug is adorable <3

  3. Looks like you've been given lot of very gorgeous christmas presents. Probably, my personal favourite one would be the Steampunk calendar. :)

  4. Lovely things indeed! *giggling to the dog in the cup*