Sunday, 15 December 2013

50 Theme Fashion Challenge continued


6. Centered around a hat:

Hat inspired by Daisy in the older Great Gatsby, movie, the one with Robert Redford. I wore this for a walk down the road, but of course, it ended up being a windy day and I had to worry about it blowing away. I hate those little elastic bands that go under your chin though, they are so uncomfortable, anyone with some good advice for keeping hats on without pins or under the thin elastic, let me know!

Hat- Discount store
Necklaces- Key was from a set of antique style keys my boyfriend had, watch necklace, and long string of black beads
Dress- Discount store
Cardi- Secondhand

5. Runway: Russian inspired outfit, I didn't really have anything designer looking, so I decided to do a themed runway piece. There have been some really nice Russian inspired pieces on the runway, I just wish I had a really nice Russian or Swedish embroidered jacket or skirt.

It's hard to tell, but I have 'Heidi' braids. (Yes, I know Heidi isn't Russian, but they wear them in Russia, too. I don't know if there's a Russian name for them.)

The weather couldn't choose between hot or cold that day, so I had to keep taking the cape on and off, I wore a black ruffled top underneath.

Cape jacket, brooch, top and skirt: Secondhand


7. Witchy- Witchy is always a huge inspiration for me anyway!

'We're going on an excursion... wear something black.' American Horror Story (they have the best outfits in that, even if the most horrible things happen!)

 Dress and shawl top secondhand.


  1. Pretty outfits! I have no idea what I'm gonna wear for 'Runway'...:P

  2. Really like the Hat. I'm not sure why people stopped wearing them as a matter of fashion.

  3. Gorgeous hat. :)

  4. Your outfits are always so perfect.