Friday, 22 November 2013

Outfit Update: October Part 4 and 50 Theme Fashion Challenge

My friend Cassie also did an outfit for the 50 Theme Fashion challenge. You can see it here.

More of my outfits from October.

Black beads from costume jewellery shop
Black cross necklace from eBay
Violet lace top secondhand
Black satin and black and grey lace skirt secondhand

Blue ruffled cardi from discount fashion store
Beige dress from discount fashion store

Halloween Lolita meetup outfit:
 Black jacket with cloth roses, secondhand
Cameo secondhand
Dress: Bodyline Antique Clocks dress, bought off a Lolita group on Facebook

Skeleton hand hairclips from eBay
Mushroom earrings (hard to see in these pics) by Yizzimindi


  1. I love your third outfit <3 lolita is amazing on you. I like your other outfits too, they're always so elegant, but you look wonderful in lolita style.

  2. I looked up this challenge and t seems to be fun, more fun, than most challenges I've seen. I love your lace top, it's so elegant especially with that skirt.:)