Saturday, 16 November 2013

Outfit Update: October Part 2

Blue Victorian inspired dress over black slip- second hand
(it doesn't normally look that bright, the flash made all the colours come out weird, I usually try to avoid using flash)
Black cardi with ribbon trim- secondhand
 Bird photobomb! (Isambard had help from my boyfriend)

I wore this for a walk down the road, with my parasol to keep the sun off my face.
Blouse- Bodyline
Skirt- Bodyline
Parasol/ Umbrella- 'Fifi' by Clifton

I made the bow out of a hairclip and a bow from an old piece of clothing


  1. That Bodyline skirt is lovely! I didn't know they make such pretty classic lolita stuff. You look wonderful in it :).

  2. I love the first photo. :)

  3. Cute photos. Cute photobomb. And that last outfit is gorgeous!

  4. Yay, hello birdie! :D
    The skirt with clocks on it is very pretty! :)