Saturday, 23 November 2013

Outfit Update: November

Jazz age inspired outfit, I would have preferred if the dress was a bit longer, but it looks OK with tights and I loved the grey lace, it is unusual to see a lace dress in this colour.

I am not sure about the jacket though, I think it is a bit garish. What do you think?

Beads- costume jewellery shop
Dress- secondhand
Jacket- fashion sale store
Paintings behind me- from an op shop, they will go up somewhere, one day.

I wore this to my university anthology launch, you can see the post here.

I like how the dress trails behind me in this picture, reminds me of a ghost.

The outfit was inspired by a Margaret Attwood short story, Isis in Darkness, the character of a female poet in that always inspired me when I was younger. I always wanted to be a stylish and talented writer, and I felt like I had finally arrived at who I wanted to be that night, with my work published in a university anthology, and a fashion style of my own. I am succeeding!

Look how long my hair is now!

Earrings- ankh earrings from Starfish, scarab earring self made
Necklace- ankh attached to beaded necklace
Embroidered shawl- street stall
Scarab bracelet- secondhand
Scarab ring- secondhand
Black velvet jacket- secondhand
Dress- secondhand

I've been a bit inspired by hippie editions of Victoriana recently. I loved this dress the day I found it at a street stall!

Pink matte satiny top- street stall
White chenille lacy dress- street stall
Purple and burgundy striped socks- Sockdreams

I love the details on this dress! Look at the pintucks, layering and lace trim!


  1. I really like the striped jacket with the gray lace dress! Not too garish or busy at all, it sets it off nicely. I love the white dress as well, wish I could see the top of it better.

  2. I love the white dress! Is it vintage or new?

    As a Canadian, I'm almost embarrassed to say I don't really care for Margaret Atwood's writing. Kinda leaves me cold, so to speak... I'm quite sure you're already more stylish, and probably a better writer, too! :o)!