Thursday, 14 November 2013

Outfit Update #1

A few more from September

Lipstick from discount cosmetics store
Cream dotted swiss type dress from secondhand shop. the slip didn't fit but the dress did, so wearing it over black slip, I think it has a bit of a Twenties feel to it.
Black cardi from secondhand shop

Cameo necklace
Black velvet dress on sale at some fashion store once
Mesh shirt/ minidress underneath secondhand
Black rose fishnet tights from costume area of discount store
White tights underneath
Black boots from discount shoe place (I don't remember the name)

 Old (maybe 80s) oversized velvet jacket with badges I have collected attached to lapels.


Ultraviolet purple dress from factory seconds/ secondhand store. Seems new but has a couple of places where the stitching needs to be fixed a little. It is even more glowing in real life.
Black velvet cardi with black lace trim on cuffs and front, was Tree of Life, but found in secondhand shop for about $10!


  1. The cream dress is adorable, but the slightly sexier black velvet dress fits you as well, two different things and you pulled them both off. ^^

  2. Nice clothes! My favourites are the two dresses. But hey, do you have a tattoo on your upper arm? Could we get a closer look on that, please? :)

  3. The black velvet dress is wonderful! Love velvet <3

  4. These are absolutely beautiful. Especially the white swiss dot dress, I love how it evokes both the late 1920s and edwardian girls clothing... Super awesome dude!