Sunday, 24 November 2013

Inspirational Interiors

Coffin bed for the guest bedroom. Mua ha ha. If they think that is shocking, wait 'til they find the electric eel in the bathtub! 

A bird palace for Isambard

Hitchcock and the MGM Lion taking tea

Perfect sofa!

The bedsheets are a bit modern for me, and a little too starey, with those eyesockets, but things like the painting, candelabra, chandelier etc. are a lot how I imagine my future decor. I like the idea of using a lot of minimalist Victorian in black and white.

I have wanted a four poster bed since I was a child! I would probably have more old fashioned looking bedsheets, though, and not that lady-shaped lamp.

Velvet sofas are another thing I have known I have to have since I was a child! I love both this medallion backed sofa and the dress! 


  1. On the 4 poster bed: Same here! ;)
    Nr. 42 - this one, as a bedroom <3

  2. I love the second birdcage but the bird in it looks sad and lonely.
    Thanks for sharing lovely inspirational pictures :)

  3. Oh, some really amazing photos! It's hard to pick a favorite because I love so many styles, but if I were to design the interior of my own home, I would probably go for some rustic bohemian theme with some asian elements with huge windows and long curtains, a dressing panel and a four - poster bed. And I LOVE the lamp with the tree!

  4. The coffin bed is something I really want!

  5. Wow, so many beautiful things, I think I'm getting overload OuO. No need to go to tumblr today xD.