Saturday, 12 October 2013

Web Roundup

Since I am sick this week, and have spent a lot of time on the internet, it will be an early Web Roundup, because I have so much to share!

Kissing is so romantic in Period Dramas, perhaps because you usually spend the whole movie waiting for just that one kiss, unlike modern movies, which have much more physical contact.

So true:

My Embarrasing Picture Went Viral: A woman whose 'fat' cosplay picture went viral online speaks out about how the cruel things others say on the internet really do affect the people in the pictures. If you or anyone you know has ever shared a photo like that, or commented on one, share this article!

Hayden Peters Talks About Skulls, Hairwork, and The Culture of Mourning
The Cabinet of Curiosities: An online collection of short stories for Halloween, updated daily.

Some particularly good examples of post mortem photography

 24 Badass Halloween Costumes To Empower Little Girls Not sure about the Kill Bill one, but the others are pretty great!

The Neo-Victorian Parlour: My Goth Grandma a post about dressing Goth in your elder years 

Alphonse Mucha’s Jewelry Shop at the Musée Carnavalet

This book is surreal and awesome! And unfortunately, out of my price range. 

It seems that fanged deer exist! I found this picture of two stuffed deer on Facebook, which are apparently a Chinese Water Deer and  a Muntjac. I thought the fangs were a joke on the part of the taxidermist, but it seems that fanged deer are strange but real, and there are at least three species!

Water Deer
Tufted Deer

Street performer and puppeteer in Segovia, Spain
Photography by McCory James


  1. Aw, I hope you get well soon. Brilliant web roundup, as usual. :)

  2. I'd seen B&W pictures of Mucha's jewellery store design for Fouquet in books, but nothing in colour. It's amazing, isn't it?

    Hope you're feeling better, Laura! :o)

  3. Hayden..Oh man. That was a drama and a half. But man is that guy a looker.