Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tea Duelling

Sunday the 27th of October 
The First Inagural Gallery Serpentine Tea Duel


Myself and Yasmin


Photo by Jack Reason

 Photo by Jack Reason

Kat, Bryce and a friend of Kat's who is also very nice

The official photographer and Yasmin

Mardo (who was the tea master) and Kat

This was one of the ladies who arranged it. Kelly of The Nerdyheard

Steampunk gas mask!

Talented seamstress and milliner Lady Chatsalot with her lovely selfmade hat, belt and skirt. She has a minitaure teapot and tea strainer hanging from her belt

That hat!

Lisa, another one of the organisers. Lisa of The Nerdyheard

Yasmin and I

I loved these girls' outfits, they looked like dolls!

This man's cloak was awesome!

This man was the winner of the Tea Duelling at Steamfest. I was glad that when I was beaten in the second round, it was by a champion. He ended up coming second.

Duelling my friend Emma. Our dresses  go together so nicely!

Kathleen and Yasmin duel.

Francesca's outfit was so beautiful!

Kat Tea Duelling

Bryce Tea Duelling

There was a lot of ruler slapping from the Tea Mistress!

Lisa (Tea Mistress), Mardo (Tea Master) and Kelly (judge)

Francesca Tea Duelling

Yasmin's second round. The man who beat her ended up being the overall champion.

A lady in a very stylish skirt and shoes standing behind one of the champions.


  1. What a nice event! You look lovely as always in your dress.

  2. Look like fun and you looked fabulous, all of you! :)

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous, it must have been amazing! And all those wonderful outfits ;A; I wish they did this in my area D:
    By the way your dress was beautiful, I love that blue, plus it fitted you wonderfully :)