Thursday, 24 October 2013

Style Inspiration: Nina Sharp from Fringe

Nina Sharp has a kind of toned down alternative style, often wearing trenchcoat, peacoat style, leather and constructed textured coats instead of suit jackets, almost always wearing black leather gloves and with metal beading on her shirts. It's very Corporate Goth. I think the only time anything she was wearing wasn't black was her riding outfit in the first series. While I think I will always dress in a Victorian inspired way, I definitely wouldn't mind having some items out of her wardrobe.

 Metal chain detailing on shirt or dress

Resin or wood cuffs, Peter Pan collar cape over long sleeved top! Love it!

Textured, constructed jacket/ cardi

Mother of pearl/metal buttons on gloves! Love them!

Metal detailing on collar.

 Shiny leather detail on collar, I think. Hard to tell.

Constructed ruffled blouse, very jealous of this one!

 Peacoat type coat with crumpled texture

 Constructed coat, very awesome!

What appears to be a turtleneck sweater with metal studs. She has several other lovely looking versions of this sort of thing, different studs and necklines.

Gathered leather jacket, with what appears to be half leather cuff gloves



Gloves that appear to have a silver metal chain around them

Hat in an episode I haven't seen yet


  1. What a cool lady. Nice to see older female in a alternative style as I think the black leather detailed clothes are.

  2. I've seen 4 seasons (I think) of Fringe and I never noticed her nice outfits! :O
    Love that ruffled blouse too!

  3. Nina Sharp's the Queen of all Badasses (?). I've always loved her. I'd never paid much attention to her outfits though, and you bringing this up made me love her even more <3