Monday, 14 October 2013

Product Review: Bat Stockings from eBay

I bought these from eBay- I bought them on the 22nd of September, probably quite late at night. I did not write down what date I got them, but judging by the date I took these pictures they arrived about the first of October, which is fairly quick shipping when you live in Australia.

Here is the eBay link:

eBay picture:

The picture is fairly true to colour and look. It is much closer to the actual colour than my own photos.

They look darker in my picture because the house was dark and I altered the contrast. Everything always comes out bluer in my photos, too.


Brand: Headrazor

The tights are nice and thick feeling, so I don't worry too much that they will snag the first time I wear them. They are comfy thick, not itchy. I do not have the skinniest legs but they fit comfortably, and with not too much stretching, they pull up to the top of my legs, without the crotch being too low which is a problem with some smaller ones such as Asian tights. These seem to be made to fit Western legs. I will say, I have been told I am a bit short in the leg, but I do think there is a bit more stretch, left in these, so they are definitely a good one size fits most for Western people.


Price: 5 stars
Shipping: 5 stars
Good fit for Western size- 5 stars.


  1. They look good! I might buy a pair :D It's hard to find one size tights from ebay that fits me because I have size M and one size usually means XS >.<

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour and the print :D

  3. Bat stockings! :)