Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Morrigon, Clothing for the Dark Muse show at The Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo

Kylie Allerton, a very talented friend of mine is a designer of her own label,Morrigon, Clothing for the Dark Muse. On Saturday the 21st of September, I attended the Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo where I was part of her fashion show. It was more of a performance piece, really, themed aroudn an evil, undead circus, and the innocent maiden who was lured in. We got to wear some of Kylie's amazing designs, and had a great time!

Kylie makes most of her designs to measure, she can be contacted for a fitting on: 0421553 821

 The talented Elouisa Dawn who was the bird woman read her own poem, I actually met her through Steampunk, at the Katoomba Library Lovers Day in Februrary.

My absolutely gorgeous bestie, Kat!

Nicola, as the Innocent Maiden. She is so sweet!

I also met Scarlett, who was the Ringmistress.

Dij was a creepy clown. He is also a very talented craftsperson, and very involved in the Steampunk scene!

My outfit was a pale purple corset top, and a dark purple skirt with red insert. I also got to wear a purple shawl. I loved the colours, and I really enjoyed getting to dance around slowly and play with a real crystal ball.

We then devoured Nicola...

Our very talented designer, Kylie Allerton, is the one in the feathered witches hat at the back.

Backstage with Kat. She did my makeup for me. Undead, undead undead, undead...

Scarlett being an awesome dandy in this insanely cool jacket Kylie made that I am dying to have in my own size!

Kat backstage in another amazing jacket!

Unfortunately, these highlights, filmed on a phone, might be the only footage of our amazing show.

It was a great day, it was wonderful modelling such beautiful clothes, and meeting Scarlett and Nicola! I hope we can do it again sometime!


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