Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blog Challenge from Drinking! Not Studying

 I took these questions from Shannon Rutherford on Drinking Not Studying

1 Do you rather get everything immediately or patiently wait until the right moment to get what you want?

I always want things immediately. Of course this is frustrating with online shopping as it usually ends up taking a month to arrive!

2 What is your absolute favourite nail polish colour?

A deep deep maroon colour, that is near black.

3 Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

I will have a home of my own, done up in lovely Victorian and Gothic inspired decor, a wardrobe of beautiful dresses and at least 10 novels and story collections to my name. I will either support myself by writing, or finally have the library job I have been working towards. I really hope this will be the case!

4  Would you say you're really happy about what you do in your everyday life?

Not really, because I am still trying to get a full time job, so I am mostly searching for one. I do get to spend some fun times with friends, though, and those are always great.
5 Which one do you prefer to wear: tartan, dots or plain colours? Or neither?

Plain colours, definitely. Patterns tend to overwhelm me, and I really really don't like dots. Colours tend to have a strong effect on me, as do patterns. Darker colours and lack of patterns usually make me happiest. In the book The Society of S, the author mentions one of the characters having this too, so I guess I am not the only one, which is relieving.

6  How do you see yourself 20 years from now (I mean phisically)?

I would like to say fitter. I really would like to say that... I need to get back to a better exercise regime.

Do you wear heels?

Rarely. They tend to make me fall over.

8 Are you happy now, in this very moment?

I am happy when I watch interesting shows and hang out with friends. But sometimes I feel sad for the characters in the shows or books. I feel pretty bad for the characters in Fringe right now.

9 Which is your favourite food?

For dinner foods, probably chicken schnitzel and chips. For dessert, probably Lindt Lindor white chocolate balls. I need to start liking healthier food. I also love mangoes and cherries in the summer. My boyfriend got me my first summer mango today and it was awesome! (I am not overstating that, I really do love them!)

10 Which is that one thing you like doing the most, the one that makes you fulfilled, the one you're really good at?

Writing, I suppose, but I feel a bit frustrated at the moment as I have been unable to settle on a novel.

11 Does that thing (in question 10) occupy most of your day?

No, not really. I spend a lot of my day reading or watching science fiction or horror TV series. I am thinking of creating my own one eventually.


  1. Our answers are pretty similar XD! Except for heels and dots.
    And I *love* Lindt Lindors too :Q__ omg, that chocolate just melts in your mouth, it's like tasting a piece of Heaven T__T
    By the way, are you watching Fringe? Have you finished it? I don't know many people who've watched it; I liked it a lot <3 and of course I felt so bad for them, that was really a hearbreaking story :/

    1. I am nearly at the end of Season 3, just finished episode 20.

      Just remembered I love mangoes too, I think I will go and add that! :P

  2. Oh, yes to Lindor and mangoes and I really need to make chicken schnitzel. As for the writing, are you joining NaNoWriMo? I'm helping a friend to moderate a writing blog and I'll be taking part and posting updates for November. Yes, I know NaNoWriMo is a gimmick, but I'm hoping the whole sense of unity and support will help me bash out a manuscript.

  3. Mmm, Lindt. :) Delicious. I am the same with heels. xD

  4. Oh, I so know the feeling to be sad for characters in the shows or books.. I think I get to involved sometimes :P