Wednesday, 16 October 2013

50 Theme Fashion Challenge #1

I probably won't be able to do this everyday, for example themed events and meetups or job interviews etc. or just deciding to stay home to read may mean I can't really dress up for a theme, but I want to give this a go for fun and to challenge myself a bit. I have also just thrown out at least half my wardrobe, so putting some of these together should be interesting...

I like a challenge, it is always fun to have to think a different way about choosing your clothes!

I have changed a couple of them, like the underwear one and the Abercrombie one (do you really think I own any Abercrombie or Hollister?) I have changed them to randomly chosen themes based on Google searching terms like costume theme and party theme. Also, Introduction wasn't even technically a theme, so I don't know why it counted as one of the 50, so I will start with Stripes and maybe try and tack one on at the end if I remember.

If anyone is interested in doing it too, comment below and we will try and link up.

Idea from this post on Polyvore

***50 Theme Fashion Challenge***

Interpret as you wish

1. Introduction
2. Stripes
3. Polka Dots
4. Hot
5. Runway
6. Centered around a hat
7. Witchy
8. Stereotypical
9. Funky
10. Retro
11. Eclectic
12. Futuristic
13. Glittery
14. Diva
15. Preppy
16. Modest
17. Sportswear
18. Ruffles
19. Light
20. Dark
21. Innocent
22. Animal
23. Natural
24. Go Green!
25. Royal
26. Eyes
27. Summer in the Winter (Southern Hemisphere do Winter in the Summer)
28. Cardigan
29. No Animal Cruelty
30. Military Inspired
31. Plaid
32. Tacky that looks cool
33. Travel
34. Faeries
35. Superheroes

36. Fun
37. Monochrome
38. Trench coat (Southern Hemisphere may replace this with style of their choice if they wish)
39. Mary Jane shoes
40. Sunshine
41. Nail polish
42. Lose yourself
43. Vest
44. Birds
45. Children's outfit
46. Grunge
47. Medieval
48. Orange
49. Killer heels
50. Happy ending

This is a fairly free challenge, as I don't like to be bossy, skip a theme if you like, do it in your own time, whatever. It is meant to be fun anyway :)