Thursday, 12 September 2013

Third Annual Sydney Gothic Picnic

Saturday the 7th of September was the Third Annual Sydney Gothic picnic. The turnout was small this year, but it was fun to meet some new people, and some older friends who I first met there last year.

A stylish new friend, Alicia.

Me in the blue taffeta polonaise my friend Stacey made for me

The lovely Bryce and Fiona

Gorgeous Jen and Anastasia

Talented Emma playing the flute

Francesca and Matt. I am so jealous of that jacket! And look at Ana peeping out from behind them!

Alexis looking amazing in purple. And with amazing white contacts that are hard to see in this picture.

Amazing cakes made by Alexis. The cakes have been bitten by vampires, they had fang holes and dripping blood. They were also red inside!

The fabulous Liset who organised it all!


  1. Wow, that looks like fun!
    It's always great to see when the members of a certain subculture within a country or even a bigger city converge and get together. I wish the underground scene would be so solid over here as well.

  2. It must have been a wonderful day :D! Ah, you all look so lovely in those pics <3 and yes, I can see the girl's white lenses ^^. Those little cakes look delicious :Q__ I wish there were such events in my area too, they must be so much fun!

  3. So vey jealous... :P

  4. Wonderful outfits!