Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Recent Outfits


Secondhand Regency inspired top and 'Laura' by Topshop dress with skulls and flowers.

I wore the following outfit to meet my friend Fiona. The jewellery is by Necrosarium, the black shirt and satin and lace skirt are secondhand.

The following outfit was inspired by Hatfields and McCoys. The blouse is Vintage and has really nice crochet bits in the front!

I wore this to my friend Kat's birthday party on the 31st of August. I borrowed the jacket off my partner's sister, their grandma made it out of faux fur. The dress came from an op shop.

The shoes are a very old pair and unfortunately, while the outside still looks great, the inside is falling apart. I will have to see if I can get it fixed.


  1. Victorian outfits look so natural and authentic on you. All these outfits are really nice, I especially love the regency style top and the birthday outfit is just fabulous. ^^

  2. Your outfits are all very old fashioned and beautiful. It's very inspiring to look at.

  3. Stunning outfits! I especially love the white vintage blouse and the op shop dress.

  4. Love that jacket/top in the first photo! We're just getting a TopShop here opening up inside the Hudson's Bay store. I guess it's a line I'll have to check out (I really wasn't too excited hearing about it, but now that you've said skulls and flowers I totally am!) LOL

  5. Wow the Necrosarium jewellery is beautiful!