Sunday, 29 September 2013

Friday the 13th Portraits

What better way to spend the unluckiest day of the year than in a beautiful historical graveyard? My best friend Kat and I went with our friend Bryce to take some photos! On the way out, we thanked the inhabitants of the graveyard. I always believe that if they are at all conscious, they enjoy the company.


  1. Wow, you both had truly amazing outfits! You look sooo gothic *_* those fishnet gloves and that transparent top you're wearing look so good on you.
    Oh, and nice photoshoot by the way <3!

  2. What a fabulous aged cemetery! The photo of the two of you hugging the headstone? That should be the cover of your first album! Gorgeous!

  3. Well, if you are going to spend the day hanging out in the graveyard, that's a pretty stylish way to dress for it.

    Personally, I love old graveyards and find them to be among the most peaceful and reflective places. I lived once in the city of Bristol, UK and there was an all but forgotten, abandoned graveyard in one part of the city. Entering it (over the locked and rusting cast-iron gateway) was to pass over the threshold into another and more magical world.

    It was overgrown with weeds and ivy and the sounds of the city, whilst still close by, seemed to echo through that space as the voices of a time and place then half-forgotten.

    I used to spend long hours in there in the summer months. There were cracked tombs in which foxes had taken up residence, fallen angels and the chatter of birds.
    Curiously, there seemed to be more life in the graveyard than in any other part of the city!

    Kind regards,


  4. So many nice headstones. :) Love your outfits!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Both you and your'e friend looks so gothic and pretty :D

  6. Hello, Kat and Bryce!
    Your hair looks so wonderful in those photos. What a lovely way to spend Friday the 13th.