Friday, 16 August 2013

Web Roundup: Steampunk and more!

 The Making of the Antipodean Steampunk Show- some amazing Australian Steampunk art!

An archery dress

 The gorgeous Victorian house from Practical Magic!

Book Review: Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross. This sounds like a really interesting, thought provoking book.

Gorgeous historical dresses inspired by art! 

The Cheapside Hoard- a hoard of late 16th and early 17th century jewellery discovered by workmen using a pickaxe to excavate in a cellar near Cheapside in London in 1912.

I love Julia Margaret Cameron's photography, it captures so much mood and character! I wish I could see this exhibition at the Met!

David Bowie Doing Shit- a tumblr of David Bowie pictures. A warning to the very polite, there is a lot of swearing.

Talented photographer Thomas Dodd has a 'go fund me' 'kickstarter' for a book of all his amazing art!

Some very talented Steampunks in Saskatchewan

Steam omnibus from the Leipziger Illustrierte Zeitung, September 1880. From The Historical Detective Agency Ltd. on Facebook.

Shared on Facebook- From San Francisco Chronicle--a visionary plan for cross-bay transport, circa 1910. 

A Steampunk table by Tom Spina Designs. Knowing how accident prone I am, a table with this many bits sticking out is not an option for me, but I wouldn't mind this desk:

Some lovely hairstyles from the past. If you don't have enough hair you can always use artificial hairpieces, people in the past used them more often than you might think!


  1. I love the house in 'Practical Magic'! It was such a shame that it was only a shell and was torn down after filming was done. *sigh*

    The LIFE hairstyles illustration is just gorgeous! :)

  2. I love that house from Practical Magic, too! I'd sure love to have a kitchen like that one.

    Wouldn't it be lovely to see the Cameron exhibit ... sigh. :o)

    And I had absolutely no idea there was a Steampunk group in the neighbouring province! Took someone from across the globe to point that out to me - so thanks, Laura! And also for pointing out Grandiloquent Word of the Day. So awesome!

  3. I like the "life's to short" quote :D I will hereby life after that, haha!