Thursday, 1 August 2013

Web Roundup: Steampunk and More...

How Byron inspired the Bronte sisters.

Speaking of handsome young men, I love Monet's art, but who would have thought he was quite so dashing?

The Real Life Waterworld Project: Steampunk or a pile of floating trash? I have heard differing opinions on this.

Extraordinary burial ceremonies from around the world.

 Someone to watch, the site is just new and she only has one song so far, but I have a feeling she will do great things!

A series of gorgeous Steampunk photos that tells a story

A review of FantasiaFest and the Dutch-European Steampunk Convention at The Gatehouse blog


  1. Interesting sites :) thanks.
    About the Viking burials...Around here they buried people in hills on a small island well anything surrounded by water so their spirits couldn't haunt their village. By our cottage there is such an island. We will go there this weekend and I will pick blueberries on the graves :)

  2. All these links are very very very good. xD