Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Steamfest Australia 2013

Steamfest Australia 2013 
(Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August, Ipswich Racecourse)

The Newcastle Steampunks- my friends Stacey, Mardo, Yasmin and I.

A steam train. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to ride on it, but we did get to choke on its fumes everytime it went by the stage area, a nice reminder of why some progress is a very good thing.

Stacey and Mardo before we went in. This was the only picture I got of the gorgeous underbust corset she made. 

With Steampuk author GD Falksen. I got to ask him a few questions about writing, too. Stacey made my gown, too, she is very talented!

The gorgeous parasol Stacey covered. 

The lovely Cyndy Kitt of Cyndy Kitt Productions with her amazingly lifelike parrot.

As someone who owns a bird, I have to say, it was uncannily real, the way it moved, the way it looked at you. It even spoke. 

A steampunk baby carriage, because really, what else would you do if you had a steampunk kid?

This charming and dapper gentleman had an old fashioned looking camera he made that really worked!

A beautifully dressed couple, very friendly too! They made all their technology themselves!

The talented musician Unwoman performing on stage.

Oscar and Victoria cosplay, from the Brian Kesinger drawings.

Unwoman performing The City, it was the first of her songs I heard. I was very excited.

Musicians Abney Park take time out to enjoy Unwoman's music.

Ged Maybury Steampunk Author in a very unique and fascinating Martian exploration outfit!

Meeting the gorgeous and talented Erica Unwoman. She is so sweet and friendly in real life, and she also likes second hand shopping!  She may be really talented but it obviously does not go to her head, and she was so thrilled that I loved her music!

My gorgeous friend Yasmin in the lovely skirt she made.

Some of the amazing handmade props at the Steampunk Ghostbusters tent.

Steampunk author Ged Maybury again in another stupendous outfit! I love this gentleman's style!

Abney Park's first Australian performance ever! I love the Steampunk music stand and keyboard stand!

You can always tell a picture was taken at a Steampunk concert, because there are top hats in the frame! Ha ha.

I didn't get a chance to meet this lady, so I sneaked a quick pic at the end of the day, she had a cream lace top hat and a cream/ chiffon skirt layered over a violet one, very much the kind of things I want to try and make!

We got to meet Abney Park and get photographs and our albums signed. I got to tell them how inspiring they were and how important Steampunk is to me.

There were metal butterflies at Brisbane airport. How appropriate for a Steampunk trip!


  1. It seems you had a very good time :)
    Steampunk is nonexistense here but steampunk is the reason I started to listen to goth music again (after the years with childbirth and common family life)

  2. Your dress is beautiful, Laura! And that parrot is amazing!! :D

  3. Wow, looks like a great time. I love that parrot!! Unwoman is pretty much my favorite steampunk musical artist at the moment. She blows me away. And Abney Park are really astoundingly nice in person.

    You look fantastic, too!