Friday, 23 August 2013

Recent Outfits

Saturday 10th August Outfit #1 Daytime
Lunch at Oma's

I love my ruffly parasol and it's so good to prevent sunburn during the day!

Black knitted bow (hard to see because my hair is so dark) a gift from my friend Fiona
White hair flower from eBay
Vintage Gunne Saxe blouse
Second hand silver ruffly skirt. It's shorter than I am usually comfortable wearing, but I loved the roses and ruffles. Thinking of trying to add some extra ruffles to the bottom.

Saturday 10th August Outfit #2 Evening/ Dinner

Watch on necklace chain- a Christmas present
Purple pleather bolero- secondhand
White long sleeved top- from the local store
Beige dress- sale shop

Scarab bracelet $2 secondhand. I have always been drawn to Egyptian symbolism.

Burgundy velvet coat from eBay.


    Hehe so glad to see you wearing the bow :)

  2. I love both your looks! Everything is coordinated so well, and the coat and the shirt fro mthe first outfit are just splendid. And I'm envious of that glorious secondhand finding, the bracelet - I'm very fond of Ancient Egyptian symbols, too.

  3. The 1st and the 3rd one <3 The violet/grey skirt and the velvet coat are gorgeous!

  4. Both looks are awesome. I would absolutely wear that coat!!

  5. Very nice outfits :D

    It's weird because even if you have some different styles in your outfits, everything you wear always feels like so typical you ^.^

  6. Oh, scarabs! I have an old necklace from my mom with a scarab, also turquoise. I always thought they were a symbol for luck/long life/eternal life.. or something like that, but google just told me they were connected to the sun- as they roll the dung across the ground, they roll the sun across the sky... or omething like that! :D

  7. You find such wonderful things. Everything here is gorgeous and full of glamour in the original sense.
    The red coat is PERFECT!

    Than you for popping over to my blog and saying hi!

  8. I especially love outfit 2 - looks so comfy and stylish at the same time!! (an important mix :P)

  9. That coat is absolutely stunning!

  10. How many comments did you get on that lunch outfit? Super cute!

  11. Lovely outfits. :)