Thursday, 29 August 2013

Recent Secondhand Shop Finds

Secondhand shopping had been a bit sparse recently, and I was starting to think there just wasn't much good stuff anymore. Thankfully, I had some amazing finds recently! Most of these I found when I went to Sydney to meet my friend Fiona, and we found a secondhand shop! It was so wonderful to find so many things that are exactly the style I love!

Top with black velvet and white lace

80s? vintage top

Black velvet jacket with interesting lining around edges

Cape jumper

Shirt is my own, cravat stolen off my boyfriend.

Shirt my own, cravat stolen off my boyfriend.

Brocade jacket


  1. I love that vintage top with the floral print on the collar and cuffs! The waistcoats are very nice, too. These really were lucky finds, in regular stores you would buy maybe a t-shirt with the same amount of money!

  2. They're all beautiful finds, but isn't that cape jumper very Steampunk looking! Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, even though I'm sure that wasn't the original intent of the designer... LOL

  3. That velvet jacket is utterly cute!
    You have a very good eye for thrifted finds :)