Saturday, 27 July 2013

'Steampunk' from the 'Offbook' PBS Channel

A really short and sweet look at some of the different forms Steampunk can take: art, theatre, etc.

Here is a video review of the haunted house mentioned in the video. It is a well made review and gives quite a good idea of the experience.

Video: Interactive Kinetic Steampunk Sculptures by Marque Cornblatt

Some amazing sculptures:

Web Shows: The League of S.T.E.A.M.

Humourous short webisodes about a Steampunk Paranormal Investigation team.

The team have some fantastic Steampunk tech, like the awesome Steampunk backpacks (in "Monkey Business") and a boxing glove on an extendable spring thing (in "Fool's Gold").

Web Shows: How to Evil Genius: For Idiots - Similiar's EVILog # 01

The first in a series of short and amusing webisodes about a stylishly dressed by rather hapless evil genius.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Velvet Goldmine/ Transformation

24/07/13- 25/07/13 pretty much a stream of thought, draining from my head in puzzle pieces over the hours, I don't normally show such unedited writing, but this is from the soul. Soulstreamconciousness

I have always been inspired by the strange and beautiful. In my early teens it was Lestat, rockstar vampire, later on, in my black lace Goth teen years, David Bowie was an inspiration to me. His strange, abstract lyrics, the idea of recreating yourself as something strange and beautiful. I have spent over a quarter of my life trying to find myself, so I can really appreciate that. I was never happy to just go along, I tried that and it didn't work for me.

anyway, a few weeks ago, maybe less, I heard about Velvet Goldmine

it's also about recreating yourself, and a bit about Dorian Grey, and a lot about Glam.

it sounds weird to say but if you saw me in high school you wouldn't recgonise me. A mousy, runty kid with her head in a book and no social skills. well i still have my head in a book but I bluffed socialisation so long I eventually got the hang of it. Also I now have more friends with things in common with me. people I can relate to. it just took me time to find my place in the world.

i have always said i am a changeling, a lost faerie child, lost in a world of humans.

i even changed my name, and although I am not a rockstar I feel like I really did get reborn. from a caterpillar to a beautiful interstellar butterfly.

what is it about? elegant outrageousness to challenge the dull grey conformity we are born into? a world where teenagers get drunk and hook up with other teenagers as a social conformity, vile bodies merging with other vile bodies? i wanted something more, not tied to this earth with flesh, not fumbling in the dark, not just of a room but of existence. the dark age of humanity, no light to shine our way, no stars to be seen, an empty firmament of man's self worship. I always knew I wanted more, wanted to be more.

innocence, mixed with danger, mixed with darkness, we create our own worlds. the past and the future all at once. dirty decayed cities filled with magic, gleaming extraterristrial gods that look like beautiful dandies. we shock with glamour. every identity only a stepping stone on the way to the next. collecting soul kin on our way to the stars.

we can write worlds but we can't just dream it, we must be it! it is a Steampunk Revolution, a revolution of dandies and goths, and glitter children, a secret revolution no one understands. it's not just about dressing the part, it is being the part. Our clothes are who we are. we are someone different when we put them on. we are all transforming ourselves, caterpillars into coccoons into butterflies then into something much much better, something not yet discovered.

we are the lace and we are the silk silk sheets and the late nights and early mornings spent scribbling. We are our songs. We are our dreams. We dream ourselves up on moonless nights, and weave ourselves of spider silk.

writers and dandies, artists, musicians, we can be anything. the only failure is not to believe this.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Web Roundup: Steampunk and More!

There will be some reviews soon, I am so busy working and getting ready for Steamfest!

Here is about three weeks worth of things I loved from around the internet!

Don't forget to visit the July Steampunk blog Link-up! over at Steam Ingenious! She also has some great tutorials and lists of tutorials, patterns etc. that are very useful in Steampunk! This is a very helpful post! How To Be A Steampunk in the Summer

The story behind this painting: A touching story of an artist's friendship with a young girl

A defense of fantasy by one of my favourite bloggers. Here a couple of my favourite bits, but you should really read the whole thing!

'They stick up their noses at it, because they see it as mere escapism, or as childish in some way. Well, first of all, what’s so bad about escapism? Isn’t that one of the main purposes of art anyway? Isn’t looking at a beautiful painting a form of escapism too?'

' The problem is that imagination is often seen as immature, something for children that’s meant to eventually be grown out of. But isn’t that sort of attitude what’s really childish? After all, we need imagination for so many things. Einstein even said that imagination is more important than knowledge'

You call that a hat? THIS is a hat!

An artist recreates Fanny Cornforth in her art

These paper sculptures almost seem better than reality!

This girl does amazing tutorials on Youtube, I especially love the Snow Queen mask and crown made with a glue gun!

 "In 1900, a German chocolate company made a series of predictions about life in the year 2000. As in French futurist cartoons of the same date, technology was expected to advance rapidly; fashion and social mores, not at all." From The Historical Detective Agency Ltd on Facebook

Making wire wrapped cogs.

Don't forget if you are interested in Steampunk you can download SteamPunk magazine for free

The house time forgot

A different Steampunk 101

Photographs from the 2013 Chap Olympiad! Oh yes! 

A review of the Fantasy Val festival

National Geographic: Vampire Graves!

It looks kind of like torture, but these people are actually having their bent spines fixed!

Now your stairs can look like books! Oh curse that exchange rate between Australia and Britain, I really want those! Oh well, I guess I don't have stairs anyhow! 

 The Nautilus Project is ready for launch!

Poignant photographs of the beautiful ruins in Detroit. I really wish I had the money to fix up the ones that are still salvageable!

Why dress down when you can dress up? Why indeed!

What a great idea this is! It is much easier to find an old cowboy hat at a second hand shop for a few dollars than it is to find a top hat! Now you can convert it!

You can also make a bonnet from a straw hat.

Westinghouse Gyrating Ceiling fan approx 1925. Westinghouse was Tesla's company. This fan is very rare and sold for $9000 American. Seen on an auction show on TV, this seems to be the only picture of it online. 

Steam Ingenious: Friday Finds: 6 Awesome Steampunk Modding Tutorials 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Bastille Day

On Bastille Day (July 14th) I finally had my very belated birthday high tea at Hatters Tea House in Ettalong. Most of my favourite people were able to make it there which was lovely!

Yasmin, Champo, Sherby, Stacey and I

Cassie, me, Fiona, and Kat. Fiona was french knitting (how French, ha ha!) but I didn't get a picture.

We also had one of these siphon coffee pots, made in the 1830s! This is how they work, it is really amazing! Once you light the little lamp, it makes itself!

"This method was invented by James Napier, a ship builder, who
combined maximum efficiency, craftsmanship and ingenuity to
perfect the process of the ultimate cup of coffee. This same design
was used to introduce coffee into tea houses in Britain in the 1830’s."

The scones tasted amazing!

Cupcake that looks like a rose on a rose plate!

Mint and chocolate macarons

Assorted chocolates, one is chilli, the pink one is strawberry and white chocolate

Cherry and white chocolate tarts and cinnamon shortbread hearts.

Mardo and his girlfriend Lorna

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sewing Weekend

Going to my friend Stacey's place to sew for the weekend. I will try and get around to putting up the teahouse pictures from my Bastille Day Birthday party after that. There are still lots of reviews etc that need to be finished but I am so busy at the moment!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Cobweb Club Winter Ball

On Saturday 6th July I went to The Cobweb Club an Old School Goth music night that happens every few months, along with elaborate decorations and costume themes! This was a grand Winter Ball!

Most of the pictures are from Bryce and the Cobweb club photographer

From left to right: Bryce, me, Kat and another nice girl who I think is friends with them. She is very nice and an amazing dancer! Her dress is a redyed wedding dress and it looks amazing!

I also met Natalie from Gothy Two Shoes which was cool! She is lovely in real life and she gave me a hug! She looked fantastic too, although I don't have a picture!

Kat and I outside, wearing velvet. This is the first good photo anyone has managed to get of my coat which shows the cape bit and the velvet against the rest of the black!

Blurry but awesomely evil! :P

 My outfit:

Flowers in hair- about $1 on eBay
Necklace- costume jewellery store
Fishnet top- opshop
gloves- made of old sparkly tights- I had to take them off, they got too hot!
Dress- opshop, apparently it is an old bridesmaid's dress from the wedding of one of the ladies. I love that! So Marla Singer! There is a blue layer of tulle under the black in the skirt! I love it! It's a little big but because of the plastic boning the shape still looks good.

Marla Singer in her bridesmaid's dress:

It's a bridesmaid's dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it. Like a Christmas tree. So special. Then, bam, it's on the side of the road.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Recent Outfit- Ruffled Parasol and Lolita Skirt

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

My ruffled parasol/ umbrella arrived on Monday, and then my skirt arrived on Tuesday, so I decided to take a walk to try them out. I don't really wear Lolita, but a friend shared this on Facebook and I had to have it. It had Steampunk looking clocks and a bllue and pale yellow circusy check pattern, and I am a sucker for that. It was pretty cheap anyway. $20 plus postage.

And I had to take some pictures first because I am so vain! :P

I went down the street to try the parasol out, I got a few looks and a few smiles.

I will also soon be putting the whole run of photos up on my deviantART stock account if anyone wants some stock pictures.

Umbrella: the brand is Clifton, they only do wholesale but you can find them through other sellers on Youtube for about $50
Earrings and necklace: Necrosarium
Top: secondhand
Skirt: I bought it off someone on Facebook, the brand is Bodyline, they still have dresses in a matching material

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Outfit- Sunday Crafternoon

Sunday the 30th June 2013

I went to my lovely friend Fiona's for a crafternoon, Fiona has the blog The Naysayer with art, photography, music and more!

This is what I wore.

Earrings by Necrosarium
Necklace from my boyfriend, he gave it to me many years ago now
Ruffly jumper a hand me down (it's warm and it has ruffles, what's not to like?)

Crimson velvet coat secondhand off eBay.
Skirt from secondhand shop. If you remember I sewed on the patches of material to match my corset top at the Emilie Autumn Fight Like a Girl concert.

Some attempted arty pictures I took of the sky and trees reflected in the puddles.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Style Inspiration from webcomics

There is definitely a Victorian flavour to the outfits in this but with some really nice modern alterations, perhaps a dash of Steampunk and Lolita. I know I saved a lot fo pictures but it was ages ago and I don't know where I put them. I think I have way too many pictures on my computer to ever find them! If you haven't read this, you really need to! I love the strange dark world they create and all the odd little critters in the pictures!

Russian fairytales were one of my favourite things as a kid (I am actually writing a few retellings at the moment, but given how many things I am writing and the moment who knows how long it will be 'til they are finished) so I guess it's no surprise that Russian fashion inspires me.

Interesting so far,my favourite part is definitely the London Monster's Club.

In case anyone is easily offended by such, I must advise you there are a couple of sex scenes so far.

The cape,  skirt, vest, and blouse. Look at all the ruffles!


'Heidi' braid ruffly blouse and fishnets.


Another one I am in the progress of reading, very mysterious and interesting so far!

Now that is a witches hat! Look at all the trim! I love it!

The following are pictures from the chapter pages, she hasn't really worn any of the clothes in the comic so far, but they are all gorgeous and I love and want them all!

I have ALWAYS wanted a Russian peasant dress! Still haven't got one!