Sunday, 16 June 2013

Web Roundup

Interesting links from the web

New York Library spotlights Steampunk


The Fall of October Rain 

Making fabric covered buttons

Tutorial: Steampunk Surveillance Arthropod

How to write a telegram properly

For those who think good clothes these days are cheap, you should read this article, including the price conversions. And to think girls were expected to have different outfits everyday in the 1920s!


I have definitely seen biscuit boxes that would work for this, it doesn't have to be that particular brand!

And I love this quote, shared on Facebook:  "It may be possible to do without dancing entirely. Instances have been known of young people passing many, many months successively, without being at any ball of any description, and no material injury accrue either to body or mind;--but when a beginning is made--when the felicities of rapid motion have once been, though slightly, felt--it must be a very heavy set that does not ask for more." From Emma by Jane Austen.


  1. This is a very handy roundup!
    Love the article on the price of clothing throughout the eras-- I've always felt indignation that handmade is "too expensive".

  2. Wow! I love these links :) The googles are a perfect DIY project, and cheap!